Tamar Braxton Doesn’t Agree w/ Kandi Burruss Accusing Producer Carlos King Of Stealing Xscape’s Life Story: I Think That’s A Little Like, Off The Deep End

Tamar Braxton Doesn’t Agree w/ Kandi Burruss Accusing Producer Carlos King Of Stealing Xscape’s Life Story: I Think That’s A Little Like, Off The Deep End

It seems that Tamar Braxton thinks Kandi Burruss “tried it” with her recent allegations against reality-show runner Carlos King.

During a previous interview with Haus of Aaron, Kandi Burruss opened up about her ongoing beef with Carlos King and why the two no longer have a (business) relationship.

The conversation arose after the host mentioned a comment that Kandi Burruss made in one of her Speak On It segments on her YouTube channel. Apparently, when asked about Carlos King, the 46-year-old added that she and the Real Housewives of Atlanta ex-producer weren’t cool anymore.

Kenya Moore, Carlos King, and Kandi Burruss

Of course, following the remark, many began to wonder the biggest question of them all: why?! Amid her chat with Haus of Aaron, Burruss answered it, but what she had to say about the situation was utterly shocking.

According to the Bedroom Kandi owner, her fall-out with King, who served as The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s co-producer from 2008 to 2012, ignited after he supposedly robbed her group, Xscape, of their life story and sold it to Black-based network TV One.

If you didn’t know, Burruss is 1/4 of the legendary R&B collective Xscape, who’s known for classic hits like “Just Kickin’ It,” “Understanding,” and their rendition of The Jones Girls’ 1979 hit “Who Can I Run To.” The quartet features Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (now Harris), LaTocha Scott, and Tamika Scott. The group saw major success on the music scene in the 1990s. Today, they are iconically known as the blueprint for modern-day girl groups.

A few years back, Burruss, along with her fellow group members, publicly spoke on their displeasure with the popular programming company’s Unsung episode on their rise to stardom. Subsequently, TV One announced that an Xscape biopic was in the works, but Burruss and the rest of the ladies weren’t on board with any of it.

While growing emotional, Burruss said:

“[Carlos] is the one who stole my group’s life story and sold it to TV One. And, for that, I just can’t get past it. I was talking to a friend; I was like, ‘Hey, yeah, we should do like a movie about [Xscape’s] life or whatever. It was a director [who I was speaking with], and they was like, ‘Somebody’s already doing that!’

She continued by expressing that she didn’t find out about the matter until she attempted to look into getting a biopic done on Xscape as well.

“I was like, ‘What you mean, ‘Somebody’s already doing that?’ And, so, in my mind, I’m thinking it was one of my group members or something. And they was like, ‘Yeah, there’s a network that’s already like [doing it], and I took a meeting about directing it. And I was like, ‘What?'”

Carlos King

Burruss also told that the Love & Marriage creator’s producing partner sneakily contacted her mother and even tried to blindly interview her for the bio-film.

“His other producing partner, one of the producers that work for him, had called my mom and was like, ‘Oh, yeah, we wanna interview you because we trying to do a documentary about girl groups or something. So, we wanna ask you questions about, you know, Xscape.’ My mom was going to do it or whatever, but, come to find out, [Carlos] was the person who had did the deal with TV One to sell our life story. And [he] was going to try to ask my mother questions about [Xscape] unknowingly to get more information.”

Xscape (from left to right) – LaTocha Scott, Kandi Burruss, Tamika Scott, Tameka “Tiny” Harris

Since Kandi Burruss’ claims, Tamar Braxton weighed in on the issue. She stated that she disagreed with Burruss’ decision to label Carlos King a story stealer, as she felt like it was “off the deep end.”

Tamar Braxton

While guest hosting Dish Nation, Tamar Braxton, who (not too long ago) appeared on an episode of King’s show The Nightcap With Carlos King, expressed on the subject,

“I don’t agree with her calling him a thief, you know what I mean? I think that’s a little like off the deep end.”

When asked if she’d feel a way about someone going behind her back and doing a biopic on her and her sisters, the “Love and War” songstress proceeded with:

“So, here is the thing, my sister [Toni] did a biopic, right? Everybody else was involved, but I had nothing to do with my character, and I was in my feelings about that. But everybody else was involved, so that’s a different king of thing! So, you really don’t want nobody telling your own story, but, at the end of the day, I just feel like there are (all the time) unauthorized like, you know, versions of people’s lives, and this is just a part of being an entertainer.”

She later agreed that it was shady for King to try to commission Burruss’ mother for an interview but believes that there’s more to what Burruss is telling.

“Something in the milk ain’t clean. I don’t know! I’m not totally convinced that that’s what it is! I don’t know, I wanna hear it from Carlos because I wanna know the tea!”

As for the Xscape biopic, we’re unsure of the current status of the production. However, in a 2020 exclusive with theJasmineBRAND, LaTocha Scott revealed that it was still underway.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell