Kanye West Urinates On Grammy Award After Calling Out Music Industry [VIDEO]

Kanye West

Kanye West Pees On Grammy Award After Calling Out Music Industry [VIDEO]

Kanye West still has more to say about the music industry.

The rapper, who has won 21 Grammy Awards throughout his career, shared a video where he peed on a Grammy Award in the toilet via Twitter Wednesday (Sept. 16th). He added the caption:

“Trust me… I won’t stop”

Kanye West’s stance comes after he called out Sony and Universal, and compared the music industry and professional sports worlds to slavery Tuesday (Sept. 15th).

Kanye West continued his messages on Wednesday (Sept. 16th) with another series of tweets and wrote:

“We’ve gotten comfortable with not having what we deserve … they allow us to have a little money from touring get some gold chains some alcohol some girls and fake numbers that feed our egos … but we don’t own our masters”

He added:

“We our supporting other people’s kids … we could spend our whole life in the music industry but our kids gotta go work for another company when they grow up”
He went on to say that people used to claim Michael Jackson was “crazy” as well:
“We used to diss Michael Jackson the media made us call him crazy … then they killed him”
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