Sukihana Says She’s ‘Grown & Matured’ As She Speaks On Plans To Make More Child-Friendly Music

Sukihana Says She’s ‘Grown & Matured’ As She Speaks On Plans To Make More Child-Friendly Music

Has Sukihana walked into a new era?

The rapper, known for her provocative lyrics, got candid about her music’s explicit content and the fact that she doesn’t allow her children to listen to her records.

In a recent interview on the My Expert Opinion podcast with Math Hoffa, Sukihana emphasized that her music is not suitable for children, saying,

“I don’t let my kids listen to my music. I’m an adult entertainer. I make vulgar music, and just, like, hip hop.”

She continued,

“What I will tell you is that kids should be kids. Just like I monitor who my kids listen to, I wouldn’t let my kids listen to me.”

Some of Sukihana’s explicit lyrics can be heard in her collab with Sexxy Red, Hood Rats. The lyrics include the line:

“I’m twerking’ on yo’ baby daddy, he finna lick my booty h***. My thong showin’, my booty pokin’, my p**** wet, I need a panty line.”

While Sukihana, 32, has made a name for herself with her bold and explicit tracks, she expressed a desire to evolve her artistic direction. She acknowledged her growth as a person and hinted at creating music that caters to a wider audience, potentially including children.

She stated,

“Maybe one day, I’ll make a kid’s song, a children’s song, and they’ll listen to that”

She elaborated,

“But, I have grown and matured as a woman and so I do plan on making more music that children could listen to. Because I do have an influence on a lot of people. And I know that I have to change it up because that’s what I’m here to do.”

In the meantime, fans are still reeling from Sukihana’s latest raunchy lyrics in her diss track aimed at City Girls rapper JT, titled Cocaine. She raps,

“Girl, you foamin’ out your mouth, is it rabies?/ I can tell by that white tongue, you eat booty grazy/”

Sukihana, JT

Their disagreement began after Sukihana perceived that JT was dissing her on her single, Okay. On the record, JT raps,

“She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’. Cheap a** veneers, you stay talkin’ s***.”

In 2022, Sukihana revealed she lost a veneer while eating crab legs.


I ate crab legs and my tooth broke #sukihana #sukihanagoat #sukihanatrill #suki #sukihanatrillho

? original sound – Sukihana

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan