Rapper Loon Reunites W/ Diddy: After What We’ve Been Through, The Love Cannot Be Denied

Loon, Diddy

Rapper Loon Reunites W/ Diddy: After What We’ve Been Through, The Love Cannot Be Denied

All is well between former Bad Boy rapper Loon and Diddy.

The two reunited over the weekend, just weeks after Loon was released from jail.

Loon shared their reunion on Instagram and shut down any speculation that there were issues between them. He wrote the caption Sunday (Sept. 20th):

“Everything is not what it seems. After all that we’ve been through the love cannot be denied. We’ve travelled the world together, made millions together and at times we may not have always agreed, but by Allah, if I hadn’t experienced the things that we went through, I wouldn’t have become the man that I am today!

Loon released his first self-titled album on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records in 2003. He was also featured on the hit singles”I Need A Girl” parts 1 and 2. He recently spoke on his history with Diddy while on The Breakfast Club last month.

“My relationship with Puff, we had great fun and we got along swell. But then some of the hiccups would come down to business. Especially business that’s already mandated and confirmed.”

He added that while he’s previously had “reservations” about Diddy, there were no issues between them. He added that meeting with him would be “a whole new space for us.”

Before his moment with Diddy, Loon also reunited with Dame Dash, Fabolous, and Mike Epps. 

Fabolous, Loon

Loon was released from jail on July 29th after serving nearly nine years.

He was indicted on conspiracy to distribute more than one kilogram of heroin. The former rapper’s good behavior and a coronavirus outbreak at the Wildwood, Florida prison he was at, led to his release. Judge Terrance W. Boyle ruled:

“The Court finds that a sentence reduction would neither minimize the seriousness of defendant’s offense nor frustrate the promotion of respect for the law and the goals of punishment. [Loon] has been in custody for over eight years. During that time, he has maintained good prison conduct.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson