Jhene Aiko: ‘I Used To Be A Jealous, Bitter Little B****’

Jhene Aiko 

Jhene Aiko: ‘I Used To Be A Jealous, Bitter Little B****’

We’re here for Jhene Aiko’s  growth. She had a moment of reflection as she realized her recent growth on social media. The singer revealed that she once had days where she was “jealous” and “bitter,” until she had a moment of realization. She also encouraged her followers to take on the same state of mind.

“i use to be a jealous, bitter little b**** when i was younger. until i realized… there is love, happiness, wisdom, acceptance, peace and success in ABUNDANCE that we can ALL claim as our own and share with one another… so, why not do that s***?”

It’s not clear if she’s referencing her previous relationship with rapper Big Sean, or just life in general.

Big Sean & Jhene Aiko

The two seem to be back on good terms after their split last year. Her vocals were even featured in his latest single, ironically called Single Again. 

Either way, Jhene hasn’t been ashamed of showing her emotions.

Over the summer she released a song Triggered, that she said she wrote after being in her feelings.

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Authored by: Char Patterson