Rapper Consequence Explains Drastic Weight Loss – I Have Lupus & Diabetes

Rapper Consequence Reveals Weight Loss Due To Lupus & Diabetes: “I Was Body Shamed”

Social media has been such a great tool for many but, unfortunately it still comes with it’s issues such as online bullying and trolls.  Sadly, that’s what New York rapper Consequence experienced after he posted a photo with his family last month on his Instagram.

He expressed his thoughts about the now-deleted photo, sharing

I was body shamed when I posted this pic on 08.17.20 I was approx 113 lbs And some asshole said I looked like “an old junkie”Lupus + Diabetes had been kicking my ass for 7 months straight

His post continued on

But…Oddly enough I was getting better as 2 weeks before that I was 105 lbs and my sugar was in the 500’s from being on Steroids But I was determined to wish my son @caiden817 Happy BirthdayBecause, as you can see, it could have been the last time God’s will is God’s willThis is my story and I’m tell it my way…Wait till you see me in a picture now ???


In a recent interview, Consequence shared his lupus diagnosis and expressed that he has what

‘J Dilla had and what Phife [Dawg] had as a combo happy meal’.

Body shaming has been a running thread throughout social media problems.  In the shocking and sudden passing of actor Chadwick Boseman, it was revealed that he died after a battle with cancer not longer after a photo surfaced on social media where he was also body shamed for his drastic weight loss.

Chadwick Boseman

After Consequence’s post, he received a ton of love and support from his friends and followers on his page wishing him well.

Let’s send some love and encouraging words to Consequence and his family below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers