Tamar Braxton’s Ex David Adefeso Releases Statement In Response To Braxton Family

Tamar Braxton’s Ex David Adefeso Releases Statement In Response To Braxton Family

Just when things seemed to be heating up between the David Adefeso and the Braxton sisters, Tamar Braxton’s ex may have just cooled things down according to what his rep has reported.

According to the Blast, a rep for David Adefeso said,

“David wishes the Braxton family nothing but the best and has moved on from this ordeal stronger.”

He continued,

He’s focused on justice for Nigeria (sars) and releasing his app, Sootchy, that will address wealth disparity and help reduce educational debt within minority communities.”

This comes after social media messages were sent out by Tamar Braxton’s elder sisters, Toni Braxton and Towanda Braxton slamming the Nigerian-born businessman. Earlier this week, Toni wrote:


You Weasel…you Ferret…You are beyond contempt.  Once again, DO NOT include my children in your SHENANIGANS.  Please leave my family ALONE!

Towanda then responded:

Towlanda later followed up with a video giving a little more clarity to the situation behind Toni’s sudden tweet. She said,

“Yes Toni’s okay. She’s just really pissed off at David as we all are. We don’t appreciate or agree or condone the way that he’s handling the situation. It’s even deeper than you guys can even imagine… For Toni to even say something and to post it on social media, cause you know she never does anything like that, you know he’s gone way too far.”


It wasn’t much longer that Tamar herself chimed in.  She initially followed the online commotion and subliminally tweeted a line from Jay Z’s “Family Feud” song:

“Nobody wins when the family feuds”

Fans of Tamar were finally able to hear from the singer when she posted a voice note completely addressing the situation between her sisters and David.  She began by thanking her family, saying:

“I appreciate my family all of a sudden speaking up for me”.

She also stated that their relationship wasn’t terrible and he was an “amazing parter” and stepdad to her son Logan. Tamar also says that he isn’t a clout-chaser and didn’t want to be on TV.

Ultimately though, the “Love & War” singer says she wants to

“to heal privately”.

See the clip.

Now that David reportedly wished the family well, do you think the family will stop feuding? Share your thoughts with us.

Authored by: Robin Ayers