EXCLUSIVE: Kirk Franklin’s Biopic Is Still On The Way

Kirk Franklin

EXCLUSIVE: Kirk Franklin’s Biopic Is Still On The Way

Since 1993 when gospel singer Kirk Franklin, 50, first came onto the scene with his album Kirk Franklin & The Family, he turned the gospel and music world on its head. Combining styles of gospel, R&B contemporary, and pop Kirk Franklin forged a fusion of music that had never been done before.

Sixteen Grammys, 21 Dove Awards, 23 Stellar Awards, and various other accolades later, the singer and songwriter, author, and choir director is revealing some of his massive legacy with a biopic announced in 2019.

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, Kirk Franklin announced that he was working on the second part of the script, but like all good things, the production was taking time.

“Music is very automatic, I can leave you right now go to the studio and God can give me a joint and you can hear it later on tonight. But that TV/ Film world is different…”

Franklin went on to mention the detail of the timeline in comparison with other films.
“You look at a movie like Ray that script was floating around Hollywood for 10,15 years before it got made. You look at Avatar, James Cameron’s movie, that idea had to wait for the technology to be developed. This is taking me on journeys I’ve never been and so now we are in the process of the second draft of the script and these scripts take a minute…”
Franklin also mentioned the pandemic playing a role, but noted:
“by God’s Grace I’m very humbled to say that we’re still in the trenches of it.” 
As for who would be his pick for the cast, Franklin jokingly came up with Gary Coleman, likely in relation to his height, (the actor died in May 2018). However, he said he ultimately would:
“leave that to the casting director and to the director”.
Back in 2019, Franklin first announced the biopic would be coming and was in the works with Sony to be produced by DeVon Franklin via his label Fo Yo Soul Entertainment.

DeVon Franklin

Kirk released his first album in 1993 entitled Kirk Franklin & The Family, selling more than 1 million copies and going platinum.

The film would be written by Brian Ivie, known for his work in The Drop Box. Overall it would follow the life of the artist starting from his life in Texas, chronicling his rise to fame and the difficulties he had to face along the way.

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel