Cardi B Asks Fans If She Should Buy An $88K Purse, Gets Tons Of Backlash

Cardi B Asks Fans If She Should Buy An $88K Purse, Gets Tons Of Backlash

Cardi B’s question for fans about whether she should splurge on an $88,000 bag ended in lots of backlash for the Grammy Award-winning rapper.

She took to Twitter Sunday (Dec. 6th) and wrote:

Should I spend 88K for this d*** purse ? Omggg it’s tempting”

Many social media users had an issue with her announcing the potential purchase online in the heat of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Cardi B responded to the criticism and pointed out that she donated $1 million to coronavirus relief via CashApp and 20,000 meals to medical works in New York.

See more of her reactions below:

She also challenged fans to share what they’ve donated and said she would match it.

She then responded to one social media user who clarified the issue with Cardi’s initial tweet.

She went on to defend her tweet and said she wouldn’t apologize.

Still, while seemed to have a change of heart and apologized, she questioned why President Donald Trump didn’t receive backlash when he was MIA for COVID-19 meetings and went to play golf instead. She also called out social media users who purchased a PS5, which costs about $500.

She continued into Monday morning (Dec. 7th) and said she would only be posting scriptures from now on.

After all of the back and forth, it looks like she decided to buy the purse after all, and asked her followers if they wanted to see it.

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Authored by: Char Patterson