Richard Sherman Reflects on His Recent Arrest, Says It’s ‘Led To Some Really Positive Changes’

Richard Sherman Reflects on His Recent Arrest, Says It’s ‘Led To Some Really Positive Changes’

As previously reported, Richard Sherman was released from jail without bail back in July after he pleaded not guilty to all charges. At the time the 33-year-old NFL player was still a free agent and he was facing four misdemeanors: criminal trespass in the second degree, malicious mischief in the third degree, resisting arrest, and driving under the influence. Now Richard Sherman says he is in a completely new headspace and playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to reports, Richard Sherman has gotten the help he needed after the incident in which his wife called 911 because of his belligerent behavior. He was also threatening to take his own life.

Richard Sherman, Ashley Moss

He said of the incident in a recent interview:

“It led to some really positive changes — some help, some therapies, some tools that I didn’t have before — to address some things that you kind of let stack up in your mind.  You never have time to address them. It’s not the right moment. It’s not the right place in your life to deal with these emotions and feelings.”

Sherman continued,

“It really forced me to step back and go ask for help and get the help I need and to not be afraid, to be proud to ask. In that, it’s been remarkable how many other people have said they had the same issue. Because you always feel like you’re alone. You always feel like you’re the only one dealing with this.”

Sherman goes on to speak about how the Black community has seen seeking help as taboo and how the benefits of going to therapy are not talked about enough.

“At least in the Black community — it’s one of those things that you’re never taught to seek counsel, to seek help. You always feel like, ‘Hey man, I’ll deal with it, tough it out, let’s get to the next play.’ In football terms, ‘Let’s get to the next play, next play, next play.’ It’s like, ‘You give up a touchdown? Like forget about it, I can get an interception. The same kind of holds true in life. If something terrible or tragic happens in life, you never really address it. You’re just like, ‘I have to get better and keep pushing towards my dreams. I can’t deal with that right now.'”

Things seem to be looking up for Sherman after getting the help he needed. He reconnected NFL player, Tom Brady, who called him to see if he wanted to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sherman infamously trolled Tom Brady nine years ago with a “U mad bro?” shirt but it looks like the two have since made amends.

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Authored by: Briana Gabrielle