Rihanna Posts Shocking Video Showing Off Her Bare Buttocks

Rihanna Posts Shocking Video Showing Off Her Bare Backside

Barbadian music icon Rihanna decided to model her interesting new pajama set herself.

Rihanna let her backside hang out for a good cause in a new video that’s been circulating on social media. In the video, Rihanna is seen demonstrating the unique design of a pajama set.

The latest addition to her Savage X Fenty lingerie line is a plaid pajama set that looks normal at first but gets crazy when the wearer turns around. It consists of a bra top and pants that have a cutout at the back, which reveals a sizeable amount of cheek. According to the website, the set can be purchased in blue Aruba Canterbury or pink Canterbury. There is also a matching men’s set available with no backside cutout.

This might be the most shocking piece to come from Savage X Fenty since it was founded in 2018; however, Rihanna is no stranger to shaking up the fashion industry. Her entire brand revolves around straying from the norm and including those who would typically be excluded.

Although the majority of the internet tends to be team-whatever-Rihanna-does, her odd creation received mixed reviews on Twitter.  One user Tweeted:

“Those Savage Fenty pajamas with the booty out only look good on Rihanna. Those things are not cute and that’s coming from a Savage Fenty supporter. I just tell the truth.”

Another wrote:

“I want those pajamas @rihanna posted in her story.”

One added:

“I seen how Rihanna wrote it on her story so it’s basically pajamas in the front, easy access in the back. More lingerie than anything, but it is still very much so tacky to me.”


This promotion came just in time for Cyber Monday and the holiday season. A few women have already modeled the questionable pajama set on Instagram. Whether the item is a hit or miss, fans are just happy that they got to see Rihanna wearing them.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya