LHHATL’s Tommie Lee & Akbar V Continue Their Feud On Social Media

Tommie Lee & Akbar V

LHHATL’s Tommie Lee & Akbar V Continue Their Feud On Social Media

Akbar V had a few words to get off her chest in response to Tommie Lee.

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta castmates Tommie Lee and Akbar V went at it on social media over a tube of Monistat cream (for those who are unaware, Monistat is used to treat vaginal yeast infections). The spat began when Tommie reposted a picture of Akbar V’s bathroom counter and comedically emphasized a box of Monistat 7. She captioned the Instagram story:

“Man knock it off. Get that [kitty] together lil itchy scratchy achy.”

She made another post using the same photo of Akbar V’s bathroom counter, this time posting a wide shot:

“I wanna see what them pills for though.”

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Akbar V took to Twitter to respond to the jab. She wrote:

“I’m realizing folks do not needs a response from me ….”

Shortly after that, she unleashed a series of tweets, directly addressing the matter:

“I’m a woman yes i have had a yeast i told y’all that @ 2&@ this p**y clean stank it’s the fact that y’all hoes don’t take care y’all body enough to get it check on get it gone and if we talking bout hygiene remember da N**** u f*** in Philly yeah he spoke bout that u got odor.”

“Thomas always reaching i got u though.”

“lon even know why I’m arguring with this sissy looking b***h tommie u the same ho had on two left shoes back stage at meek concert & G & in Atlanta stop playing with me Thomas.”

“Growth AKBAR Growth I’m not responding nomore i just want to see y’ all.”

“I’m not ashamed of anything that comes with being a woman ……what now y’all b*****s ain’t never had a yeast infection this how u know these hoes be on live watching me from fake pages cause i showed this to my live I’m just that 100it and we was discussing it.”

She finished it off with this most recent Tweet:

“And when i beat your a** Thomas again I’m calling it the monistat a** whooping.”

Tommie fired back at Ackbar with an Instagram video:

“Now all the girls with the Monistat on my back. Leave me the f*** alone!”

The feud between Tommie and Ackbar reportedly dates back to the days prior to the latter’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame. They allegedly exchanged blows inside an Oakland recording studio after Tommie was “disrespectful” towards Ackbar. The rapper-turned-reality star reportedly got the best of Tommie as they sparred.

They explored their rivalry in an explosive episode of the Zeus Network show The Conversation, which aired on the platform in Oct. 2021. Throughout the episode, the two argued and nearly got into a physical altercation. Their issues were never resolved.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya