Gucci Mane Claims Jeezy’s Deceased Friend, Who He Fatally Shot, Is Haunting His House In New Song

Gucci Mane Claims Jeezy’s Deceased Friend, Who He Fatally Shot, Is Haunting His House In New Song

Is Gucci Mane being haunted by Jeezy’s deceased friend?

After years of feuding, rappers Gucci Mane, 41, and Jeezy, 44, appeared to have put their differences aside during their 2020 ‘Verzuz’ battle. The musical showdown had many people on the edge of their seats due to the multiple issues between the two rappers, including Gucci Mane fatally shooting Jeezy’s friend Pookie Loc in 2005.

Despite the now-viral ‘Verzuz’ battle ending on a good note, it looks like Gucci Mane, born Radric Davis, has a few more things to get off of his chest. In his latest song ‘Rumors,’ the Grammy-nominated artist shares that he thinks Jeezy’s deceased friend is haunting his home. He raps,

“D.A. dropped my murder, didn’t have evidence to prove it/I think my house is haunted, yeah, by who? The ghost of Pookie.”

He continues and seemingly takes a shot at Jeezy, born Jay Jenkins. He raps,

“He ain’t killed nobody but keep rapping about the shootings/Still ain’t got revenge yet but keep making up excuses/Cuz done drank so much lean that his gut got big as Gucci’s/Quit while he ahead and don’t go out like Whitney Houston.”

Jeezy has yet to respond to Gucci Mane’s newest single.


As previously reported, Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s issues initially started after they recorded their first collaboration ‘So Icy’ in 2004 (the song was released in 2005). Reportedly, Jeezy was under the impression that the song would be featured on Gucci’s debut album ‘Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101.’ However, the song was ultimately placed on Gucci’s first independent album, ‘Trap House,’ which upset Jeezy. In addition to that, Jeezy claimed he was never paid for his appearance on the track.

Jeezy then dropped ‘Stay Strapped,’ which is allegedly a diss song against Gucci. In the song, he raps,

“I got a bounty on that sh*t, n*gga. 10 stacks. So if he come to your town, and you just happen to snatch that motherf*cker off his neck, I’m gonna shoot you the 10-stack, man. So I can cremate that motherf*cker.”

Following the release of ‘Stay Strapped,’ Gucci was visiting a friend at a house in Decatur, Georgia, when four men broke in. According to reports, he shot and killed one of the intruders, Pookie Loc, who was Jeezy’s friend. After the shooting, Pookie Loc’s body was reportedly found buried by a local middle school. Gucci was eventually charged with murder for the incident. However, he claimed it was self-defense and the case was dropped in January 2006 for “insufficient evidence.”

Some speculate that Jeezy was connected to the robbery, however, the ‘Put On’ rapper has always denied those claims.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel