‘RHOA’s’ Sanya Richards-Ross & Drew Sidora Feud After Sidora Claimed Ross Did Not Pay Her Make-up Artist & Is A ‘Clout Chaser’

Sanya Richards-Ross, Drew Sidora

‘RHOA’s’ Sanya Richards-Ross & Drew Sidora Feud After Sidora Claimed Ross Did Not Pay Her Make-up Artist & Is A ‘Clout Chaser’

It looks like the newest member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is quickly butting heads with Drew Sidora!
Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and newbie to RHOA, Sanya Richards-Ross is frequently clashing with her friend turned enemy, Drew Sidora. During Sunday (Jun.19) night’s episode, the two ladies got into a heated argument, not once, but twice!

The episode begins with the ladies attending Sanya Richards-Ross’s Jamaican Cooking Class, with Drew Sidora showing up last minute, despite saying she wasn’t coming. She explains,

“I decided to come ’cause you invited me. And you didn’t un-invite me. So, I was like, you know what? Let me just go ’cause I’m a supportive friend.”

In her confessional, Sanya says that she’s glad Drew came because she wants to “get past whatever issues we’re having.”

Drew Sidora

Unfortunately, the positivity did not last long. Drew asks Sanya if she paid her makeup artist that Sanya used while the girls had a cast trip to New York. In her confessional, Sanya states,

“Drew is trying to make it seem like I run out on my bills, and I do not play those games, okay? So, I’m gonna give her double for her trouble ’cause I don’t wanna owe her s**t.”

Sanya Richards-Ross goes on to say Drew Sidora is upsetting her but Drew calls her out for bringing their issues up in front of the group. Drew explains,

“And then on top of that, to invite me to your shoot and then to uninvite me, that was hurtful. So, I’m like you took the knife, and then you turned it.”

Sanya tries to explain but Drew makes a  facial expression that Sanya wasn’t too fond of. Sanya interjects and says

“Drew, I hate when you do your face like that.”

while Sanya’s mom chimes in and says,

“Give her the same respect. You’re making faces, and you’re doing all this sh– that you know is gonna aggravate her.”

Sanya Richards Ross & her Mom Sharon Richards

Things then took a turn for the worse when Drew accused Sanya of “clout-chasing.” Sanya replies,

“What do you mean clout chasing? I don’t need to clout chase off nobody. What am I clout chasing for? I’m a four-time Olympic gold medalist. Put some respect on my name!”

All of the women seem to respect Sanya’s major accomplishments and cheered her on. Drew adds in her confessional that the two ladies should have resolved their issue between themselves and not in front of the group.

 The ladies duke it out again near the end of the episode when the cast meets up for a girls’ lunch. During their pow-wow, Sanya Richards-Ross says when they came to her Jamaican cooking class, she felt bad that she didn’t invite them to her ‘MommiNation’ photo shoot and wanted to make it up to them, by inviting them for a partnership with Nike.

While the ladies were ecstatic, Drew Sidora gets upset about not being invited. Sanya says she’s getting frustrated because Drew keeps “overtalking me.”

Sanya adds that she is also mad that Drew tried to insinuate that she doesn’t pay her bills when she brought up the “whole thing about not paying your artist.”

On the flip side, Drew complains that Sanya, “goes from zero to 20 million for no f***ing reason” and says she’s “unstable.”

Things continue to get heated and Sanya says she needs to stop being phony as Drew abruptly walks away. Sanya admits in confessional that she no longer wants to get to a better place with her. She explains in her confessional,

“There’s no point. It’s literally impossible. And I’m not sure if it’s because she’s always getting gaslit by Ralph, but she needs to figure out how to communicate in a civil way.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole