Brooklyn Pastor Seemingly Assaults Woman During Church Service [VIDEO]

Lamor Whitehead

Brooklyn Pastor Seemingly Assaults Woman During Church Service [VIDEO]

Brooklyn based pastor Lamor Whitehead is facing backlash after seemingly putting his hands on a woman.

Video of the spiritual leader’s recent live sermon is making its internet rounds after it showed the bishop, appearing to assault a woman. In the video, you can see pastor Lamor Whitehead grabbing the woman by the neck before disappearing briefly off camera. The New York bishop’s actions have been under microscopic scrutinization since the live stream robbery that made him famous, which many have accused him of staging to gain notoriety. Now, the pastors actions are once again being called into question.


The first part of the two part video shows the pastor’s interaction with the unidentified woman. Whitehead, seemingly agitated, lunges at the women, grabbing her by the neck and pulling her off camera. Whitehead can lowly be heard saying:

“Now go over here ok”

Lamor Whitehead

The next part of the video seems to be the lead up to the altercation. Video footage shows the church leader sarcastically asking his congregation if they want to “come preach”. In the background, you can vaguely hear audience members yelling something to the pastor (presumably speaking in tongue), who then mocks them by speaking in tongue back before stating:

“Now remove her out of here. Move her out of here. Move her out of here….Let’s give Jesus a round of applause….While they take pictures and they want to be on social media…Take the pictures!”

Whitehead has not commented on the videos at this time, however it seems he has already been judged in the eyes of social media. Users flooded the videos comments section, calling the pastor out for appearing to assault the woman.

One of social media influencer, who the Bishop is currently suing for defamation, reposted the video. Youtuber De’Mario Jives captioned the disturbing post:

“Hell “The Bishop” on live puts his hands on a woman chocks her during a service. Here we go again, I can’t make this up!!!!”

Whitehead has not reacted to any of the video footage at this time.

Does it look like pastor Lamor Whitehead assaulted the woman? Give us your take in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson