Lil Mama Addresses Her Haters In New Video, “Memes” [Watch]

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Recently, rapper Lil Mama (real name Natia Kirkland) premiered the video for the single, “Memes.” The single is off her newly released EP, ‘Take Me Back.’ In the single, she samples the Notorious BIG’s single, “Kick In The Door.”

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The video is directed Walu and is based on her infamous 2012 interview with The Breakfast Club where she had an emotional moment that she says stemmed from losing her mother to cancer. That moment, instantly became an uberly popular meme.

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In the beginning of the video, she uses a clip from Martin Lawrence’s hit comedy show, You So Crazy and while showcasing her infamous radio interview.

On the track, she rhymes:

So For That Guy Dat Wanna Know,

What Be On My Mind

When I Go

I’m Rolling I Flood Your Timeline I’m Gone Shine

That’s What I Re Fit Grid And With The Tape Bout To Drop

Y’all Are Just In Time

To Fold And Lie And I Ain’t Mean No Gimmicks And Crimes

My Bars Mentality Ill

That’s Why I Headline

I Hail From The Opposite Coast Of Too Short and This Time Around We Ain’t Taking No Shorts

Watch the video below.

By @ms_hip_hop

Authored by: TJB Writer