Aubrey O’Day Calls Donald Trump Jr. Her ‘Soulmate’ While Addressing Rumors About Their Alleged Romance: I’ll Always Have Love For Him

Aubrey O’Day, Donald Trump Jr.

Aubrey O’Day Calls Donald Trump Jr. Her ‘Soulmate’ While Addressing Rumors About Their Alleged Romance: I’ll Always Have Love For Him

Aubrey O’Day addressed her long-rumored affair with Donald Trump Jr. for the first time publicly.  

The former Danity Kane lead singer was candid about her intense, love-filled relationship with Donald Trump Jr. that allegedly began in 2011 and ultimately ended when he decided to “go be the president’s son.” During a recent interview, Aubrey O’Day admitted to shying away from speaking about their relationship until now because she didn’t want to “downplay” their love for one another, or hurt Donald Trump Jr. The 38-year-old, who met former president Donald Trump’s eldest son while filming seasons five of “Celebrity Apprentice,” said:

“I love him. Love, loved, love. I’ll always have love for him.” 

Donald Trump, Jr.

She continued:

“But I saw him choose a life that was inauthentic — for status, power, whatever it is,” she added. “I’m so disappointed in what he became.”

The California native admitted that coping with the breakup was difficult, feeling like she had to “defend the guy” she called her “soulmate in life.” She explained:

“When I say that he was my soulmate, I’m not going to lie. I’m a very honest person, so I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, I had nothing to do with him. He’s ridiculous.’ Like, no, he was just like me.”

P. Diddy’s former mentee said:

“I’ve literally been that since I was young, and I’ve always been heavily empathetic. I have a bleeding heart, and I stand up for people that don’t have a voice. And when I have it, I will use as much of it as I can to push agendas for people that deserve to be seen. And he loved all of those things about me. And the man you’re seeing now probably wouldn’t.”

Aubrey O’Day

O’Day described the Trump Jr. she allegedly dated as a different person than the world knows him to be. She claimed:

“He was fiscally a Republican, but everything else was not, and for me, I just kind of saw him sell out, and I don’t ever want him to see me sell out.”

O’Day, who later dated “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D, mentioned that she hopes she’ll find a connection with someone as powerful as the one she had with Trump Jr. She admitted:

“I think to find what him and I had is probably going to be very, very difficult. And I’m not banking on it. I completely gave up on [love] after that, which is how I was able to be with Pauly.”

O’Day claimed Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, told her “what was happening on the other side during the entire relationship.” Despite what was allegedly being relayed to her, the pop star said she “never really knew how hard Trump Jr. fought” for their relationship before his father was elected president in November 2016. O’Day shared:

“He told me all the punishments that he was going to have to endure for, you know, what occurred and the life he was moving into and what he was going to have to do to prove himself in that world again.” 

O’Day added:

“One of them was, I would be blocked on everything. And after his divorce, I was unblocked on everything.”

Donald Trump

An insider previously shared that the alleged affair was “the start of the downfall” of Trump Jr. and Vanessa Pergolizzi’s marriage. Vanessa Pergolizzi filed for divorce in March 2018 after being married for 13 years. The pop star was candid about her heartbreak over this situation when it was announced that Trump Sr. had “a million mistresses.” The reality star said:

“I was sitting there, like, ‘God, was he just like his dad?’” 

She confessed:

“If I’m being very honest, I’ve had moments where I wonder if someone will love me the way he loved me ever again.” 

She added:

“I couldn’t go to them and say, ‘Hey, remember when you were dating the president’s son, and you broke up [so he could] go be the president’s son? Like, how did you handle it?’”

Reportedly, The Trump family has never publicly acknowledged Trump Jr.’s alleged affair with O’Day.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill