Update: Usain Bolt Fires Business Manager After $12 Million Goes Missing From Investment Account 

Usain Bolt

Update: Usain Bolt Fires Business Manager After $12 Million Goes Missing From Investment Account

Update: (Jan. 31, 2023): New details have surfaced surrounding Usain Bolt’s missing millions.

According to reports, the olympian sprinter has fired his business manager after $12.7 million went missing from his bank account with a Jamaican private investment firm.

Reportedly, it was an “amicable split.” Usain Bolt has since released a statement on the matter. He said,

“I’m not broke, but it’s definitely put a damper on me. It was for my future. Everybody knows I have three kids. I’m still looking out for my parents, and I still want to live very well.”

He added,

“There is nothing to say at this stage, given what is happening. We have met with persons, and we are dealing with certain matters.”


Original story: (Jan. 19, 2023):

Usain Bolt is looking to recover millions of dollars that disappeared from his account. 

According to the Jamaican retired track star’s attorney, Usain Bolt is missing more than $12.7 million from his account with an investment firm that was intended to serve as a pension for his parents.

Usain Bolt

Last week, Usain Bolt, who’s considering taking the problem to court, was notified that his account balance at Stocks and Securities Ltd (SSL) in Kingston, Jamaica had mysteriously been reduced from 8 figures to $12,000.

On Tuesday (Jan. 17) Usain Bolt’s lawyer, Linton Gordon, said: 

“We will be going to court with the matter.”

Linton Gordon added:

“It is a grave disappointment, and we are hoping that the matter will be resolved in a way that Mr. Bolt will recover his money and be able to live in peace.”

Usain Bolt

On Jan. 12, Stocks and Securities Ltd. said in a statement that they are aware of the fraudulent activity that occurred from a former employee and they have informed law enforcement. The investment firm added that they are also working on securing their clients’ assets and strengthening the company’s protocols. 

In addition, the Jamaica Constabulary Force said in a statement that their fraud and financial investigation teams were examining,

“alleged fraudulent activities at (SSL) which are said to have affected the accounts of Mr. Usain Bolt among other individuals.”

Jamaica’s finance minister Nigel Clarke also weighed in on the scary financial situation and accused the investment firm of committing “alarming and evil fraud” and that authorities will “bring all perpetrators to justice.”

Usain Bolt

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill