Lil Meech Slams Fan For Insinuating He Used Prosthetics To Debut His Goods On ‘BMF’: ‘Stop Hating, B*tch’ 

Lil Meech Slams Fan For Insinuating He Used Prosthetics To Debut His Goods On ‘BMF’: ‘Stop Hating, B*tch’

Lil Meech is defending his manhood. 

After debuting his privates to the world in the latest episode of “BMF,” some viewers had doubts about whether or not he was using prosthetics. In the March 10 episode, Lil Meech, who plays his father Big Meech in the show, went to the famed strip club Magic City. After he entered a private room with a dancer, viewers watched as Lil Meech’s character had an intimate moment with the woman. During the scene, fans also seemingly got to see a glimpse of Lil Meech’s package. 

Lil Meech

As expected, fans wasted no time taking to social media to chat about the revealing scene, with some expressing that what was displayed may have been fake. 

One viewer wrote,

“That was a prosthetic Chile. Y’all don’t know the film industry by now?”

Another said,

“Y’all they do not show real peens and vageens on these shows.”

A third doubter weighed in and added,

“So yall all gon act like yall don’t know that was fake? Be fr. It was way too high up on his stomach for one. For two it looked fake.”

It appears Lil Meech, born Demetrius Flenory, wasn’t feeling the comments. He replied to one naysayer who left a remark on The Neighborhood Talk’s IG page and said,

“Stop hating b*tch.”

Lil Meech

“BMF” is a fictional series based on true events about two brothers – one of them being Lil Meech’s real father – who became head honchos in the drug and money laundering world. It’s one of the several shows produced by rapper/actor 50 cent. He also is an executive producer for the “Power” franchise, which also doesn’t shy away from showing graphic sex scenes. 

Omari Hardwick who played “Ghost” on the show previously sat with the hosts of Pivot Podcast where ex-NFL player Channing Crowder asked Hardwick about how the sex scenes are filmed. 

Ryan Clark, Omari Hardwick, Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor (Instagram/@o

Hardwick replied,

“It’s very uncomfortable.”

He explained that there is no privacy when filming the scenes and that there are lights and cameras throughout the room. 

“Sometimes the camera operator is on the bed with the camera here and you feel his foot more than you feel whatever is on her.”

“BMF” is currently on its second season and airs every Friday. Will you give the latest episode a watch? Let us know in the comments. 

Authored by: J. Jones