Tyra Banks Trends As Social Media Users Call Her Out Again For Questionable Things That Occurred On ‘America’s Next Top Model’ 

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Trends As Social Media Users Call Her Out Again For Questionable Things That Occurred On ‘America’s Next Top Model’ 

It seems that no matter how much time goes by, the internet will never let Tyra Banks live down the controversial things that occurred in her reality series “America’s Next Top Model.” 

As you may already know “America’s Next Top Model” was a competition series that was created/hosted by Tyra Banks. The show originally ran semiannually, in what was referred to as “cycles,” from 2003 until 2012. In 2013 the series aired annually until it was canceled in 2015.  However, the following year “America’s Next Top Model” returned to VH1 with Rita Ora as the new host. The most recent season wrapped in April 2018. 


Since the series has been off the air, it’s not uncommon for people to call Tyra Banks out for what the competitors had to endure. Recently a clip from the sensational reality show has gone viral, causing Tyra to once again find herself in the hot seat. In the video that’s a little over two minutes, a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant named Robin is being scrutinized by the ‘ANTM’ judges for being a little curvier than the other competing models. 

While evaluating her size, Tyra says, 

“One problem that I do have with Robin, I think on the top she’s not plus size but on the bottom she is.”

She adds, 

“I just wish her upper body was bigger and matched her lower body.”

During the discussion over the model’s body, another judge says,

“’America’s Next Top Model’ is not a plus size model!” 


After the video was shared on Twitter, social media users wasted no time in blasting Tyra Banks


Tyra was recently called out by former “ANTM” contestant turned professional chef  Rachel Hargrove. According to Hargrove, she was also shamed by judges for being what they deemed to be a larger model. In a now-deleted post, Hargrove took to Twitter and commented on a recently released unflattering photo of Tyra. The “Below Deck” chef tweeted:

“Hey @Tyrabanks remember when you called me a plus size model when I was a size 2?”

She added,

“I’ve had a lot of former cast reach out to me and tell me about how the show caused them to have body dysmorphic disorders… so that’s why I made my comment,”


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel