Boosie Badazz’s Recent Arrest Reportedly Came After Authorities Spotted Him On Instagram Of “A Known Gang Member” w/ A Gun In His Waistband

Boosie Badazz’s Recent Arrest Reportedly Came After Authorities Spotted Him On Instagram Of “A Known Gang Member” w/A Gun In His Waistband

Looks like Boosie’s latest troubles with authorities stemmed from social media.

According to recent reports, newly unsealed documents revealed the rap star was arrested due to incriminating evidence found on an Instagram live video.

As we previously reported, Boosie Badazz, real name Torrence Hatch, 40, was detained by Federal police officers on June 14th, following a state court appearance. The “Set It Off” artist was due in court that day over gun charges he received during a traffic stop on May 6th. Reportedly, Boosie was spotted on the instagram video of “a known gang member” at the time with a hand gun in his waist band. Local authorities then reportedly used “Airborne Law Enforcement Unit” to locate the vehicle the musician was in where they found the same pistol from the video.

While the state charges were ultimately dropped, it seems Boosie was in store for much bigger problems. Because of the incident, the musician was reportedly hit with federal charges for “violating federal laws barring a previously convicted felon from possessing a firearm”. Reportedly, Boosie was convicted on drug charges in his hometown back in 2011.

The report goes on to state that it is unclear at this time why Federal prosecutors waited until after the state completed their trial to arrest the rap star. However it is noted that this appears to be a common practice. Boosie’s attorney reportedly posed a similar question following his arrest, stating:

“The circumstances of Mr. Hatch’s arrest have been widely known since early May. Nevertheless, the federal government waited until Mr. Hatch was set to resolve his state case before filing identical federal charges…And then, after they took him into custody, they announced that they were unprepared to proceed with his detention hearing. Because the government was ill-prepared, Mr. Hatch was forced to cancel a number of shows over this historic Juneteenth weekend.”

Boosie Badazz

Reportedly, Boosie made his first court appearance on the federal charges the following day on June 15th. His next hearing was reportedly moved to Monday June 19th, and the rapper will remain in federal custody until then.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson