Pharrell Is Accused Of Stealing A Designers Concept & Placing It In His Louis Vuitton Line

Pharrell Is Accused Of Stealing A Designers Concept & Placing It In His Louis Vuitton Line


A designer is accusing Pharrell Williams of stealing her concept.

Earlier this week, mega producer Pharrell Williams released his Louis Vuitton fashion line in Paris which garnered lots of attention and became a star studded event. Now, Pharrell–who’s the newest creative director of LV– is being accused of stealing.

A designer by the name of Kellie Ford recently took to social media accusing the fashion designer of copying her concept.

Back in 2021, Kellie went viral for her Louis Vuitton shopping bag idea. The concept consisted of Kellie taking a LV shopping back and turning it into a purse. The video was an instant hit and received over 10 million views. Now, the fashion designer says Pharrell stole her concept and placed it in his new Louis Vuitton fashion line.

Pharrell Williams

She told her followers,

“Fast forward to 2023, and under Pharrell’s creative direction for Louis Vuitton they dropped what looks like is the bag. Yeah, its crazy.”


I love @Pharrell and @Louis Vuitton but this wild … a collab would have worked , hell a invite tonthe fashion show would have too.. #louisvuitton #pharellwilliams #designer #kellieford #fly4i #custom

? original sound – Kellie Ford

Kellie Ford’s shopping bag idea

In a later video, Kellie says it’s not about suing, it’s more so the principal of the matter.

She explained,

“It ain’t about suing, it ain’t about infringement.  The thing is they took the concept…The concept is the same. The concept is, the bag being a normal paper bag being worn at leisure. That’s what they did. They took the concept of the bag….It’s the concept, not the actual bag itself. ” 


Part 2 #louisvuitton #pharellwilliams #designer #kellieford @Pharrell @Louis Vuitton

? original sound – Kellie Ford

See Kellie’s shopping bag concept below:


Louis Vuitton shopping bag turned cute new Louis purse !!! Like to see how i rock it!!! #foryoupage #fyp#diy

? original sound – Kellie Ford

While Kellie received some support from her followers, she also had naysayers doubting her claim.

One person wrote,

“They made a leather version of their own shopping bag. They don’t wrap it in plastic.”

Another said,

“I’m legit not trying to be funny when I ask this… what did they do wrong? They took the shopping bag and made it leather?”

Someone else wrote,

“I remember when she did that!! I was like that is so DOPE!!! Wow that’s crazy.”

See reactions below:


What are your thoughts? Do you think Pharrell copied her? Let us know in the comments below!


Authored by: Monique Nicole