Kanye West Slams Adidas As Company Rolls Out Remaining Inventory Of Yeezy Sneakers: ‘Anybody Who Loves Ye Would Not Buy These Fake Yeezys’

Kanye West

Kanye West Slams Adidas As Company Rolls Out Remaining Inventory Of Yeezy Sneakers: ‘Anybody Who Loves Ye Would Not Buy These Fake Yeezys’

Kanye West is speaking out against Adidas following the latest release of the apparel company’s Yeezy sneakers.

Kanye West (also known as Ye), 46, recently took to Instagram to express his frustrations with his former business partner Adidas. In a post, the rapper/designer made it clear that he did not have any involvement in the making of the newly released Yeezy product.

Kanye West

According to Kanye West, the shoe and sports clothing maker is selling what he’s deemed as “fake Yeezys” that are non-approved. The Yeezy creator also said he’s not making any profit off of the remaining YZY inventory Adidas was left with since the retailer ended their partnership with him in October 2022 over his antisemitic remarks.

As you may recall, Kanye’s business deal with Adidas was terminated after he accused the Jewish community of controlling the media during his appearance on “Drinks Champs.” In addition, the musician alleged that Jews have a secret “agenda” and are to blame for many of the hardships Black Americans have faced. He even sent out a threat in a since-deleted tweet in which he threatened to go “death con 3” on Jews.

Kanye’s controversial comments sparked widespread backlash in the media. As a result, he lost his business deals with many, including GAP and Adidas, which led to the end of his billionaire status.

Today (Feb. 26), Kanye uploaded a photo of the newest Yeezy drop and captioned the post,

“Anybody who loves Ye would not buy these fake Yeezys I never made these color ways I’m not getting paid off of them and adidas is suing me All these celebrities and the public will stand against a T shirt or the color of my hat but when yall see me have my children hidden from me or see an actual Fortune 500 company rape one of your heroes in real life don’t nobody say nothing or do nothing As far as the system goes What yall gone do now Take my album down again Freeze my accounts again Threaten people to not work with me again All the new non approved 350’s are cooorny and everybody know the 350 been corny” 

In a follow-up post, the former billionaire shared a video of him explaining his situation with Adidas. He said,

“Let me explain really clear to you guys what’s happening with Adidas. Not only are they putting out fake color ways that are non-approved, they’re suing me for $250 million dollars and they’re also not paying me for these shoes that they’re putting out that have my name on it.”

Kanye added,

“And they’re using contract clauses and fifty years of business experience to rape an artist. One of y’all favorite artists in broad daylight.”


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It’s important to note that earlier this month, Kanye was spotted with the CEO of Adidas, Bjørn Gulden. The sport’s brand CEO previously stated that there were no hard feelings regarding the pair’s previous collaboration. Additionally, he said he doesn’t think Kanye’s comments were meant to be discriminatory.

Kanye West, Bjørn Gulden

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely