‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Alum Prince Responds To Backlash After Revealing Alleged Sexual History w/ Lori Harvey: ‘I Would Never Get On Any Public Platform & Just LIE’

Prince, Lori Harvey

‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Alum Prince Responds To Backlash After Revealing Alleged Sexual History w/ Lori Harvey: ‘I Would Never Get On Any Public Platform & Just LIE’

Social media users were not here for reality TV star Prince’s latest sex confession.

The former “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” cast member received a ton of backlash after revealing the details of his alleged sexual relationship with Lori Harvey.


Prince, real name Christopher Harty, recently appeared on the “We In Miami Podcast” and opened up about his alleged history with the model. After being asked which celebrities he’s previously “smashed,” the reality TV star stated:

“I’m probably gonna get some s**t for this, but Lori Harvey,”

Lori Harvey


“It wasn’t like a smash though, it was like, I was really f**king with her and she was really f**king with me.” 

The 34-year-old went on to claim that they were casually seeing each other at the time, noting he dealt with “thick Lori,” which he boldly said he prefers. Additionally, Prince claimed that Lori Harvey, 26, was “conscientious” about the hookup. He admitted to attempting to “be slick” and film the encounter, but she was “on it” and shut it down before he had a chance. He also stated the sex was “phenomenal,” and he didn’t use protection.


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While it seems the social media personality believed his comments were in good taste, many online users disagreed. Commenters condemned Prince for sharing the private moments, blasted him for “talking too much,” and accused him of “clout chasing.”


In response to the negative feedback, Prince first wrote:

“D**n I can’t talk about MY life & MY experiences in a tasteful manner ? I was respectful sheesh” 

Then continued to further explain his remarks in a later more lengthy post, writing:

“Lol y’all eating me tf up huh…Whilst I can appreciate & understand everyone’s view on the podcast , I disagree . I understand the manner in which the question came off distasteful & I tried to answer in a manner that would still be funny , & salacious but still respectful , clearly I failed, although I stated certain things to paint a clearer picture”


” this is MY life , MY story , MY truth . I would never get on any public platform & just LIE or talk about a sexcapade . But whether it was public knowledge or not , I had a relationship with this person regardless if you consider it one or not . & I feel like I can speak on my past relationships.”

According to Prince, his intentions were not to be messy, but to speak on the relationship he and Lori shared. He also admitted to “playing into the bullsh*t” for entertainment but remained adamant he really didn’t see much wrong with the interview and shouldn’t “be crucified” for speaking on the relationship. At this time, it doesn’t appear that Lori has reacted to Prince’s claims about her and neither has her current beau, actor Damson Idris, 32. If you recall, the pair went public on social media for the first time earlier this year after being spotted out on a date together.

The “Snowfall” star opened up about his romance with Lori back in March, sharing that they decided to go public with the relationship because it’s “hard to keep things secret,” and he no longer allows other people’s opinions to influence his decisions.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson