Viral Tik Tok Star Keith Lee Trends Across Social Media As People React To His Reviews Of Atlanta Restaurants: ‘Y’all Gone Learn To Stop Scamming & Provide Good Service/Food”

Keith Lee

Viral Tik Tok Star Keith Lee Trends Across Social Media As People React To His Reviews Of Atlanta Restaurants: ‘Y’all Gone Learn To Stop Scamming & Provide Good Service/Food”

Internet foodie Keith Lee is causing an uproar on social media.

The Tik Tok star trended on social media over the weekend after giving his blunt and honest opinions about dining in Atlanta.

If you’re a restaurant owner who doesn’t know who Keith Lee is, it may be wise to do some research. With a following of 14 million on Tik Tok and another 1 million on Instagram, the social media star has become famous for bringing attention to small restaurants who provide great food and service. His visits have historically had a significant impact on sales and notoriety by helping market some eatery’s that just don’t’ have the budget to get their name out there.

The influencer is currently doing a food tour across the country, visiting different cities and trying out dining staples and small businesses in the area. His recent stop in Atlanta, however, seems to be the one that really caused a stir on social media. During his time there, Lee stopped by big and small restaurants, based on recommendations, such as rapper Lil Baby’s restaurant the Sea Food Menu and famed brunch spot Atlanta Breakfast Club. In his reviews, the influencer stated he was not able to eat at the musician’s food spot as they don’t separate the seafood frying oil from other non fish foods. Additionally, he criticized some restaurants for charging for condiments and expressed his disappointment at being denied call in orders multiple times. Social media users have been reacting to his critiques, reinforcing the notion that there is indeed an issue with customer service in the area.

Things especially got heated after Lee attempted to visit an eatery called The Real Milk and Honey. In a video now viewed over 13 million times, the Tik Toker explained that despite the establishment stating they close at 5pm online, his family was denied service when they tried to dine there around 4pm. They apparently were told the restaurant was closing early for deep cleaning. Upon learning it was Lee trying to eat there, however, the food place attempted to walk back their statement and get him to stay. Lee said he politely declined as he doesn’t want any special treatment because of his platform.


The Real Milk & Honey taste test ? would you try it ? ? #foodcritic

? original sound – Keith Lee

The situation caused even more of a frenzy as people reacted to the situation. Especially after a post uploaded from the company’s official page responded, basically writing Lee off as a nobody. A man who seems to be the owner appeared in the video an skit form stated:

“Who is Keith Lee?”

As a caption to the since deleted post, they added:

“thank you @Keith Lee for your pop up and honest assessment. And for your acknowledgement of understanding that negative vibrations never win. Stay doing what you do and being a positive brother…Every business small or large successful or not has worked really really hard to try their best to make their mark in an extremely tough business. As a successful entrepreneur/owner I never drag anyone’s business even if I’ve had a disappointing moment because I have principles and I know how hard any business worked just to start!”

And ended with:

“I commend any business and any person that got off their a** and just tried. Keith there’s no love lost and We love you!

However, the post didn’t go over well with social media users. Many urged the business to hire a PR team as they didn’t feel the video was in professional taste.

It does not appear Lee responded to their post at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson