Andy Cohen Made A Joke About Juan Dixon’s Alleged Cheating Scandal During Bravo-Con, Despite Gizelle Bryant Urging Him Not To

Robyn Dixon, Juan Dixon, Gizelle Bryant, Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen Made A Joke About Juan Dixon’s Alleged Cheating Scandal During Bravo-Con, Despite Gizelle Bryant Urging Him Not To

Bravo host Andy Cohen wasn’t afraid to get a little messy at the network’s conference recently.

The TV producer opted to throw in a jokey joke about Juan Dixon’s alleged cheating debacle while on stage, though Gizelle Bryant warned him against it.

Andy Cohen

Gizelle Bryant, 53, explained how the comment came to be shortly after Andy Cohen made the joke at BravoCon this past Saturday, November 4th. Revealing her thoughts about it, the Bravo star stated:

“I didn’t like that…I saw him first before he saw [Robyn Dixon], and he asked me, should he do the joke or should he cut it? And I said, ‘Cut it.’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, definitely…we’re gonna cut it,”

Gizelle Bryant

Apparently, Cohen then went straight to the source to see what Robyn Dixon, 44, thought of the joke herself, which she reportedly laughed at, telling him to “put it in!” Reportedly, the Bravo exec’s jest was that it was good the network paid for hotel rooms so Juan Dixon, 45, didn’t have to. If you recall, the former collegiate basketball coach was speculated of cheating on his partner during the last season of “RHOP,” after it was discovered he paid for a hotel room for a female associate.

Initially, Robyn didn’t address the rumors on the show and drew major backlash for doing so. However, she eventually came out and stated that Juan explained that the woman lost her wallet and needed him to cover her for the night. It seems his story was more than enough for his partner of over 18 years as the reality star continued not speaking on the situation any further, and fervently defended her marriage among naysayers.

Robyn Dixon, Juan Dixon

Robyn was also asked her thoughts about Cohen’s joke during BravoCon where she stated:

“I can laugh at myself. I can laugh at situations. I know how ridiculous the situation sounds and I can laugh at that and acknowledge it. And so yeah, when [Andy] was like, ‘There’s a joke that I was going to put in,’ … I was like, ‘Well, tell it to me.’ And he told it to me. I was like, ‘Oh yeah, put it in that’s funny.”


“I think that’s how I was raised. My father has always told me, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. And that is a situation that I literally sit at home and I laugh at. It’s the most absurd thing. And I also don’t care what people think about the situation. I don’t care what they believe, so I’m not shying from any of that.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson