Diddy’s Former Body Guard Claims He Had To Stop The Media Mogul From Brutally Assaulting Multiple People: ‘I Was Sick Of Having To Cover Up Everything You Did’

Diddy, Roger Bonds

Diddy’s Former Body Guard Claims He Had To Stop The Media Mogul From Brutally Assaulting Multiple People: ‘I Was Sick Of Having To Cover Up Everything You Did’

More details about Diddy’s alleged abusive tendencies are coming to light.

One of the billionaire’s former bodyguards, a man named Roger Bonds, recently claimed that he had to intervene several times to stop Diddy from brutalizing women, including Cassie.

Bonds spoke about the matter during a recent video posted to his social media, where he stated:

“There comes a time where you in a situation that may seem like a good situation but if you not waking up happy…or if you really don’t want to be around that person you’ll find every excuse to get out of there…and I got diabetes, so my excuse was I can’t be with you everyday…in reality it was I was sick, I was sick of you.”


“I was sick of everything that was going on around you. i was sick of having to cover up everything that you did…Cassie spoke on it, she said ‘yea I jumped on it, I jumped in between it’. That wasn’t the only time, it was other times and it was other people.”

While the former security officer never mentioned his ex-boss by name, his reference to singer Cassie certainly makes the situation clear. The model, real name Cassandra Ventura, named Bonds in her headlining lawsuit filed against Sean ‘Diddy‘ Combs, where she accused him of beating and raping her throughout their decade-long relationship, among other things. In the suit, Cassie reportedly wrote that back in 2009 Bonds, who was Diddy’s head of security at the time, stopped him from stomping on her car and attacking her. Bonds reposted an excerpt of the suit to his social media page with the caption:

“Now that my name is involved I will tell my TRUTH”

Additionally, Bonds slammed Diddy in a since-deleted post, claiming that he held his tongue about the hip hop star’s heinous actions for the sake of his children, but didn’t get the same courtesy when his own child needed help. Reportedly, Bonds’ adult son Kevan Townsend has been incarcerated in Africa for nearly 13 years as he awaited trial for a 2011 murder charge. He was recently found guilty of the crime. Explaining his disappointment in Diddy for not looking out for him and his son in the situation, Bonds wrote:

“At one time I would have tooken a bullet for this man…where is the Loyalty at when it’s my own SON ? Your want me to have loyalty to someone who couldn’t tell me [‘here’s a 100,000’,]  I may not can go but I sure can make sure he has a legal team. But I’ll give some strangers 3 million,”

He added:

“F*ck outta here. My truth , my story , my life…Name one person that has been with Diddy that is well off.”

While it doesn’t seem Bonds made any further comments about the situation, it appears he may have some type of documentary in the works. In captioning the posts, he used the hashtags #2FacesTHEDOCUMENTARY and #ROGERBONDSMYTRUTH. Diddy, nor any of his reps do not appear to have reacted to Bonds’ statements publicly at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson