Fantasia Slams AirBNB Host For Allegedly Racially Profiling Her Family & Attempting To Put Them Out In The Middle Of The Night: ‘The Treatment We Received Was Due To The Color Of Our Skin’

Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino Slams AirBNB Host For Allegedly Racially Profiling Her Family & Attempting To Put Them Out In The Middle Of The Night: ‘The Treatment We Received Was Due To The Color Of Our Skin’

Soul singer Fantasia Barrino is calling out AirBNB over a negative experience she recently had.

According to the songstress, the host of a home she recently rented attempted to put her and her sons young friends out in the dead of night after wrongfully accusing them of breaking policy.

Fantasia Barrino took to her X account recently to share details of what she says happened. The 39-year-old wrote:

“My stomach is so uneasy this morning as I’m riding back to my home in the cold and rain. I don’t say much when people do me wrong, but I can’t stay quiet on how my family and I were just treated from a host with @Airbnb @airbnbhelp trying to kick my kids and I out at 12:00 midnight.”

She continued:

“The host accused us of having a party with loud noises outdoors because they saw balloons being dropped off and a game truck with no generator in the early part of the day. The amount of guests we reserved for are the amount of guest who stayed the night. They never said we weren’t allowed to have any company over!! It’s evident from the sayings on the wall, to the outdoor fire pit/jacuzzi and a well equipped game room in the garage/poker table that people Hosts parties and/or gatherings here on the lake often as there were weights with balloon ribbon left in the garage from a previous party at the house.”

Fantasia Barrino

The “Truth Is” artist went on to express her frustration at the situation, making it clear she believes she was racially profiled and is disappointed as she just wanted to do something nice for her son Dallas. Barrino mentioned that the now 12-year-old’s birthday recently passed, and she wanted to do something special as she’s been traveling a lot for work. In case you’re unfamiliar, the entertainer is currently on a press run for Oprah Winfrey’s remake of “The Color Purple” which Barrino stars in as Celie. The film is set to premiere on the 25th of this month.

Barrino continued in her social media post:

“It’s evident to me this was racial profiling and the treatment we received was due to the color of our skin. I wanted my son to enjoy his friends (10-12) year old and make him feel special as I have been traveling for the last 35+ days promoting a movie I starred in. This time, I dare not stay quiet.”

The mom of 3 also took to her instagram page to double down on her frustrations, writing in a post alongside several pictures from the event:

“PLEASE READ: We have lost our internal compass of Love! Love moves us to deeply consider, it shifts us out of places of sympathy where we can gain a real understanding through empathy. When love is present, it overlooks your race, age, gender, profession, zip code and even your past. This, is what we teach our and exhibit before children, and this is what we wanted kids outside of our home to experience as well.”


“Being abruptly asked to vacate a house (which proved to not be a Home) on the first night while a diverse group of technologically & robotically Inclined group of kids (one is a pianist) were winding down to sleep was unthinkable. Gaining and understanding wasn’t the desire, while we were being screened on various Ring cameras, the happiness and “character” of the kids present also wasn’t considered. Right after a hot-chocolate Sip & Paint, without warning, we were asked to leave. So, at 6a, in the freezing rain, with sleepy kids, we loaded up 4 vehicles, respectfully cleaned and organized everything back to its original place and we left. Logistically, some of the children had to be immediately taken home, with one stating they didn’t want to go home. I didn’t deserve to look or feel like I let my son and the other kids down.”

It does not appear that AirBNB has issued a response at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson