‘The Wood’ Spin-Off Casts Vince Staples + Original Film Stars Richard T. Jones & Tamala Jones

Vince Staples, Tamala Jones, Richard T. Jones

‘The Wood’ Spin-Off Casts Vince Staples + Original Film Stars Richard T. Jones & Tamala Jones

Showtime has revealed its main cast for its comedy spin-off based on the 1999 classic film “The Wood.”

Last year, television network Showtime green-lit a comedy pilot order for a television series based on the feature film. According to reports, rapper Vince Staples, actors Xavier Mills, Karen Obilom, Melvin Gregg, and Essence Renae will all star in the pilot. Fans can also expect to see original cast members Richard T. Jones and Tamala Jones reprise their roles as Slim and Tanya from the original film.

Vince Staples

Reportedly, the series will take “an honest look at friendship and dating from the perspective of the three young Black males born and raised in the gentrifying L.A. suburb of Inglewood. The trio’s struggles to balance fatherhood, ambition, and loyalty force them to question if they are growing apart, or closer together.”

The original ‘90s coming-of-age comedy film followed three old friends — Omar Epps as Mike, Taye Diggs as Roland, and Richard T. Jones as Slim, growing up in their Inglewood, California neighborhood.

Taye Diggs

As the trio prepares for Roland’s wedding to his fiancé, he gets cold feet and goes missing without a word. Mike and Slim struggle to find their nervous friend and return him to his impatient bride before the wedding begins. Along the way, the best friends reminisce about lessons learned during their teenage years.

The comedy spin-off is reportedly in the works as the pilot is currently in production in Inglewood.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely