Kevin Hart Explains Why He Is Done Hosting Award Shows: ‘Those Just Aren’t Comedy-Friendly Environments Anymore’

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Explains Why He Is Done Hosting Award Shows: ‘Those Just Aren’t Comedy-Friendly Environments Anymore’

Fans of Kevin Hart shouldn’t expect to see him hosting award shows anytime soon.

The comedian recently opened up about why he’s decided to decline any future offers for the role, explaining that he doesn’t feel like they’re a good fit for professional jokesters anymore.

Kevin Hart

After being asked during a recent interview if he’d reconsider hosting an award show in the future, Kevin Hart, 44, responded:

“No absolutely not…Whatever little hope you had, I want to destroy it right now. No, not at all”

He continued:

“Those gigs aren’t good gigs for comics. It’s no shot to the Oscars, no shot to the Globes or anything else. Those just aren’t comedy-friendly environments anymore. I think they got it right one year where it was like just a bunch of personalities acting as the hosts and that’s a nice thing. It’s a collaborative thing, different people get to be responsible for act one, act two, act three, but you know, the days of it being a room for a comic, those days are done.”

The “Ride Along” star went on to give props to different comedians who he said have been successful at the job such as Chris Rock and Tina Fey. However, he added that that comedic vets who have established rapport with industry entertainers have a better chance at the gig, noting the room can be “cold” for newcomers. At this point in his career, the stand-up comedian has hosted his fair share of award shows and has done arguably well. To date, Hart has been tapped as MC for the BET Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards as well as the MTV Movie Awards.

His opportunity to host a larger-scale performance came in 2019 when he was named as the host for the Oscars. However, Hart ultimately never took the stage after internet users called for his firing due to old problematic statements he made. If you recall, prior tweets the comedian uploaded that were seemingly homophobic resurfaced, angering many online.

Criticizers became even more outraged due to Hart repeatedly refusing to apologize for the remarks. In the end, the entertainer revealed that the Academy gave him the choice to either issue an apology or step down from his hosting job. Hart ended up choosing the latter.

During his recent interview, he seemed to have doubled down on his decision and suggested that the moment for him will likely never come to fruition. He added:

“It’s not the gig that it was of old. It’s too much pressure on the idea of a comic and what’s jokes and not jokes. So, it’s tough,”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson