Woman Shames Husband For Taking Her On A Date To Shake Shack In Viral Video, Social Media Reacts: ‘Let Her Go… Find Someone Else’

Woman Shames Husband For Taking Her On A Date To Shake Shack In Viral Video, Social Media Reacts: ‘Let Her Go… Find Someone Else’

The internet is notorious for shaking stuff up every once in a while, and this time is no different!

Recently, a woman went viral for calling out her husband on video after he treated her to the famous fast-casual eatery, Shake Shack, for lunch.

Amber (aka thaqueentnb)

As you may know, Shake Shack is a popular restaurant chain that’s celebrated for its quick, high-quality American cuisine, such as burgers, hot dogs, and frozen treats.

In the now-controversial TikTok, the young lady, Amber (most known by her cyber handle Tha Queen), begins talking as she shifts the camera in the man’s direction,

“Look at him! Y’all see this? Look at me? Y’all see how I look right now? This man done brought me on a date to Shake Shack. Like… of all places? Look at him!”

With a look of humiliation on his face, her mate, Isaiah, proceeds in the clip, which is posted to his account, @kingzaythatruth:

“It’s nothing wrong with Shake Shack! Shake Shack is a good spot. You tripping!”

Isaiah (aka kingzaythatruth)

Although he shied away from the phone’s view, that didn’t stop his missus from continuing her tirade in her viral clip. After alluding that her caliber of looks surpassed the standards of an everyday Shake Shack customer, she added,

“So, you couldn’t take me nowhere else better than Shake Shack? I mean, this what you got me. You got me two sandwiches and a drink.”

According to her partner, Isaiah, the tab for their spread was around $50, but his wife wasn’t going for it and requested to see the receipt for proof.

Ultimately, he fired back by calling her “ungrateful” and stating that as the reason he “doesn’t like going on dates.”

However, Amber expressed that she felt as though if he could ball out with his boys on the regular, he could surely take her somewhere more upscale.

She concluded:

“You be going out… spending hundreds and thousands at the club and stuff like that. I don’t see why I gotta come to Shake Shack.”

Currently, the TikTok video is sitting at over 2 million views. Isaiah and Amber appear to be content creators and widely recognized for their skits. While it’s not confirmed that the scenario was fake, viewers are wondering if it was only recorded for shock value purposes.

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In response to the numerous stitches to her and Isaiah’s trending moment, Amber said in an Instagram Story,

“Get yall everytime.”

She later furthered with a screenshot of the video doing numbers on X (formerly Twitter):

“Yall stuck on this one.”

Shake Shack has since joined the conversation and stated their stance on the matter. They comically shared on X,

“Taking applications on his behalf. Who’s joining him for a Shack lunch date? Our treat.”

If you remember, this is similar to the situation that took flight last year, when a woman slammed a guy on video as well for taking her to The Cheesecake Factory.

As for what the people had to say about The Shake Shack ordeal, one wrote,

“Shake shack is actually expensive!”

Another added,

“this young man is too handsome and generous to put up with this nonsense. run baby”

Another chimed in with,

“Let her go … find someone else.”

See more reactions below.

Would you go on a romantic outing to Shake Shack? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell