Kai Cenat Helps Concertgoer Whose Girlfriend Intimately Danced w/Artist Onstage Find A New Lady & Gifts Him $20,000

Kai Cenat Helps Concertgoer Whose Girlfriend Intimately Danced w/Artist Onstage Find A New Lady & Gifts Him $20,000

Internet sensation Kai Cenat is redirecting a story that recently went viral.

The Twitch star went above and beyond for a young man who suffered online ridicule after his girlfriend left him in the audience of a concert to suggestively dance with the performing artist.

Kai Cenat

In case you’re unfamiliar, the viral moment happened at a show of Nigerian singer Omah Lay last Tuesday (February 20th). During the concert, the 26-year-old invited a guest onstage to seductively dance with him while he performed his song “Bend You”. Though the situation is not uncommon for some musicians, things took a turn when it was discovered that the woman chosen for this particular moment was attending the show with her boyfriend, who allegedly bought her the concert tickets.

As clips of the intimate moment between Omah Lay and the woman, who has since identified herself as Jessani, made their way across the internet, many criticized her actions. Social media users argued that the dancing was inappropriate for someone in a relationship and was even more disrespectful as her partner was there with her. Other clips from the concert showed the boyfriend leaving the venue while a few recording him joked about the ordeal.


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The situation eventually caught the attention of Kai Cenat, who subsequently invited the young man on his channel to participate in a dating stream to help him find a new girlfriend. Twenty singles were lined up and participated in the speed dating-esque show, which resulted in the young man choosing to go on a date with a woman named Sevyn. Cenat also gifted the young man $20,000 to invest in himself.

Though understandably a bit reserved, the young man seemed grateful to Cenat for his generosity. As far as his ex-girlfriend goes, it seems she’s gotten nothing but hate on the internet. Jessani spoke about the situation on her TikTok account and apologized to her ex, who said the two had been dating for a little under a year. Offering her remorse, Jessani stated:

“I want to publicly apologize to him. Obviously, me and him have had private conversations, and we spoke, but since it was public, I think the right thing for me to do is to publicly apologize to him, like, that was bad. It was honestly a mistake; like, if I knew this would like this would go [like] this… I wouldn’t even go to the concert, because this is not worth the hate I am receiving.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson