Joe Budden’s Ex Podcast Co-Host Rory Reacts To Getting Fired, Thanks Fans & Promises To Address ‘That Messy S*** Soon’

Joe Budden’s Ex Podcast Co-Host Rory Reacts To Getting Fired, Thanks Fans & Promises To Address ‘That Messy S*** Soon’

Update #2 (May 13th): Rory Farrell has broken his silence on social media after getting fired from The Joe Budden Podcast in explosive, leaked audio.

He wrote,

“Mannn .. what an era .. thank you to everyone that listened, supported, told their friends about us, bought a subscription, ticket, or merch .. any value starts & ends with y’all .. I’ll get to that messy s*** soon but in the meantime I’m here to celebrate an amazing run!! Love.”

Original Story (May 12th): It looks like drama has gotten between The Joe Budden Podcast‘s co-hosts once again, and the ramifications may be more permanent this time.

As you may recall, Joe Buddens co-hosts Rory Farrell and Mal Clay went on a brief hiatus earlier this year. Addressing the pair’s absence in a March 24th episode, Joe Budden said:

“This is Rory’s seat, and this is Mal’s seat. Whenever they feel like returning to their seats, then they’ll return to their seats. And then what will happen is the same thing when your star player comes back to the team.”

About a month later, Rory Farrell and Mal Clay returned to the podcast, and the trio addressed the drama and claimed that they were on better terms after the incident.

However, a recent audio leak suggests that all may not be well with the co-hosts. In fact, it seems as though Joe Budden actually fired Rory Farrell — and went off on Mal Clay, too! In the audio, Joe Budden addresses the pair allegedly not pulling their weight and still feeling “entitled to more.” He states:

“‘Change the splits. Change the benchmarks.’ Hey, y’all go get a deal and bring it back. I’ll take less… Not much less, but I’ll take less if y’all source it. Aye, y’all go get the advertiser and the integration. Aye, we talk about these deals all the time! You bring it, you eat different. I bring it, I eat different. You n****s ain’t brought s**t!”

Joe Budden continues:

“I won’t say what I wanna say, but y’all will not continue to treat me this way. Y’all not gonna continue to treat these people this way. Y’all take that f*****g dark energy, that arrogance, and that entitlement somewhere else. I say all of that to say we gonna do this, since Rory feels like he has so many options here. Somehow he still feels like he’s running the show. He still feels like he has choices and options. He feels like he’s entitled to more. Rory, you are in breach of your contract, and from this point forward you are fired. And you’re not welcome back. Does anyone in here have a problem that I’m the person that has to say that? Mal, I’m the person that has to say that. The gall of you…”

He also said if they sue him, they’ll lose.

“Everything is good over here, you n***** can audit, you n***** can sue, you’re going to lose. You both gotta move now.”

Throughout his tirade, listeners can hear brief input from either Rory or Mal, including a faint statement of “PTSD.”

On top of the leaked audio, Joe Budden also appears to have referenced his decision on Twitter, writing:

Helluva run!! God bless.”

There have been no further comments on the situation.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley