Falynn Pina Says Running Into Porsha Williams ‘Wouldn’t Be A Safe Scenario’: ‘Ain’t Gon’ Be No Talking’

Falyn Pina, Porsha Williams

Falynn Pina Says Running Into Porsha Williams ‘Wouldn’t Be A Safe Scenario’: ‘Ain’t Gon’ Be No Talking’

Falynn Pina is letting it be known where she stands with Porsha Williams.

Falynn Pina gave a grim response recently after being asked what would happened if the two suddenly bumped into each other.

During an interview with Baller Alert posted on Friday (April 12), Falynn Pina was posed a hypothetical scenario about coming face to face with Porsha Williams. The 34-year-old responded:

“That wouldn’t be a safe scenario…At the end of the day she know what she did. It can play it out in the media however…I know what she did, Simon knows what she did, Porsha knows what she did…I wouldn’t even put myself in a predicament of even allowing that.”

Porsha Williams

When the host questioned if the two could ever hold a conversation, Falynn Pina added:

“Talk to her? Ain’t gon’ be no talking.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, Falynn and Porsha Williams’ bad blood began after the 42-year-old suddenly became engaged to Falynn’s then-husband Simon Guobadia. Falynn and the Nigerian businessman made their Real Housewives of Atlanta debut together as a married couple, but split in April of 2021 after two years of marriage and nine months of separation. In May of that same year just one month later, Porsha and Simon Guobadia revealed they were in a relationship and planning to get married.

Initially, Falynn denied assumptions that Simon Guobadia was unfaithful during their marriage. She also refused to blame Porsha for the break-up, stating that the failed union was the fault of her and Guobadia alone. Judging by her recent comments, however, it’s clear she still holds some type of animosity towards her fellow reality star. As you may know, Porsha and Simon did in fact tie the knot and have since split. The pair are currently going through a divorce that has been playing out pretty harshly in the media.

Elsewhere in the interview, Falynn says Porsha and Simon’s break-up didn’t come as a shock to her. She claims the union was fake from the jump, and was Simon’s way of getting back at her. It does not appear Porsha has responded to Falynn’s recent comments at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson