Mother Of Kirk Frost’s Illegitimate Son Lashes Out At Him & Rasheeda ‘They Aren’t Allowed To Film W/ My Son & Act Like They Are Really Spending Time W/ Him’

Rasheeda and Kirk, Jasmine Washington

Mother Of Kirk Frost’s Illegitimate Son Lashes Out At Him & Rasheeda ‘They Aren’t Allowed To Film W/ My Son & Act Like They Are Really Spending Time W/ Him’

Jasmine Washington stirred up all kinds of controversy on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when it was revealed she was having a child with Kirk Frost, despite being married to Rasheeda for about 20 years.

While it seemed like everyone was able to come to an agreement this season, Bleu spilled even more tea on what was reportedly going on behind the scenes.

She responded to Rasheeda and Kirk making comments about her on the final part of the LHHATL reunion Monday night.

Kirk pointed out that Jasmine wanted him

“to be there as if we were in a relationship.”

Rasheeda added,

“You had a child with a married man and a family. He’s not gonna change his structure for you. He never made you think that…now that the child is in place that everything is gonna change. It’s not.”

Jasmine responded and went off with her own message.

“I was told I was uninvited to do the reunion bc I no longer allowed these 2 to film with my son & act as if they really spending time with him in real life. So why am I even being discussed when I’m not there to defend myself or tell my side? Fake af. They are tv parents. I expect Kirk to be there like a f***ing father. Let’s start there. I [don’t] ask for much! But sure you can take out an hour of your ‘busy schedule’ to see him for his bday or pick him up for example. D***, maybe even a 30sec phone call from your daughter’s phone to wish him a happy bday?”

She added that her wanting Kirk to be there for their son isn’t wanting him to change his entire family dynamic.

“Is that me wanting y’all to change your ‘structure’?? Is that me expecting you to be there like we’re in a relationship?? Not 1 of y’all wished him a happy bday but act so concerned about everything else when the cameras rolling. I dnt even gaf that sis wants to hold me more accountable than her husband, but KANNON ain’t do s*** to none of y’all. I’ve BEEEEEEN open to whatever needs to be done to get in a better space for KANNON.”

She went on to say that she’s also been thrown into “fake” drama for the show.

“I’ve been quiet as I watched fake scenes about me calling/texting Kirk’s phone. For what?? I, to this day, don’t have that n***a’s number! Y’all so focused on ‘reality tv’ and having a storyline, you got me f***ed up in real life! Don’t know what fairytale world you live in but better believe having a child does change everything. Or should if you’re an active parent!”

Jasmine then had a message for Rasheeda. 

“Just say you want to continue making excuses for Kirk sis! Y’all just trying to move on and live like Kannon doesn’t exist but he’s here and his mother is gonna fight for every bit of respect, love and appreciation he deserves. Now you may continue with your fake a** reality show that no longer cares about reality.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson