Ella Mai’s Fans Blast Disney Star For Seemingly Promoting Remake Of ‘Boo’d Up’ As Original Record

Ella Mai’s Fans Blast Disney Star For Seemingly Promoting Remake Of ‘Boo’d Up’ As Original Record

Ella Mai’s fans want the English singer-songwriter to fight back!

Earlier this month, rising singer/actress Kylie Cantrall took to TikTok to promote a track titled “Boo’d Up.” However, it didn’t take long for internet users to realize the recently released 3-minute and 46-second song is just a revived pop version of Ella Mai’s 2018 hit R&B record of the same name.


First stop, hit the boo’d up choreo?? i LUV these girls!!!!!!!! @?Triple Charm? #boodup #kyliecantrall #newmusic #disneydescendants #triplecharm

? Boo’d Up – Kylie Cantrall

Of course, covers are nothing new, and countless people have shared footage online singing Ella Mai’s lyrics. However, fans of the London native have taken great issue that Kylie Cantrall seemingly tried to pass the tune off as an original song. Others have also called for Mai to treat the “Descendants: The Rise of Red” actress the same way she did Jacquees when he remixed her song “Trip.”

You may recall the two had a brief spat a few years ago over the track, which ended with Jacquees pulling his version from YouTube and SoundCloud. In one TikTok video urging her millions of followers to participate in a challenge she’s created for her version of “Boo’d Up,” Kylie Cantrall said,

“Since my song Boo’d Up is out now I want to spread a little love. So I created the ‘Who To Boo Challenge,’ where basically I’ll hand deliver a rose and a message from you to who you want to boo.”

However, it’s important to note that following a flood of comments advocating for Mai, Cantrall started to promote the track as a “cover” in some of the videos she shared. Unfortunately, the change of wording didn’t stop the criticism. One person wrote in her comments,

“ELLA MAI if U let this girl slide imma need my Jacquees remix BACK!!!”


Another person tagged Mai directly and said,

“@ellamai girlll get HERRR”


See more reactions below:

At the time of this report, Ella Mai has not addressed the cover track.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel