UPDATE: Tupac’s Estate Threatens To Sue Drake For Using Late Rapper’s Voice In Kendrick Lamar Diss

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UPDATE: Tupac’s Estate Threatens To Sue Drake For Using Late Rapper’s Voice In Kendrick Lamar Diss

Update (April 24, 2024): Drake’s viral Kendrick Lamar diss could get him sued by Tupac’s family.

The Canadian rapper infamously used AI to generate the late lyricist’s voice in his diss track “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

Now, Tupac’s family is threatening to file a lawsuit against him, according to Billboard.

Attorney Howard King told Drake in a cease-and-desist letter that he has 24 hours to agree to pull the song or the estate will “pursue all of its legal remedies” against Drake.

King wrote that Tupac’s estate is “deeply dismayed” and never would have greenlit Drake using his voice, calling it a “flagrant violation”and “blatant abuse” of his legacy.

King added,

“The unauthorized, equally dismaying use of Tupac’s voice against Kendrick Lamar, a good friend to the Estate who has given nothing but respect to Tupac and his legacy publicly and privately, compounds the insult.”

When contacted by Billboard, Drake’s team declined to comment.

Original Story (April 23, 2024):Did Drake take things too far?

Between JT and GloRilla, Chris Brown and Quavo, plus Diddy and 50 Cent, the entire hip hop community seems to be beefing right now. Out of all the ongoing feuds, the one that appears to have people on the edge of their seats is the Drake, Kendrick Lamar dispute. As we’ve been covering, Drake is the latest to take a shot in their battle, recently releasing another diss record aimed at the Compton native that features A.I.-generated bars from Snoop Dogg and the late Tupac “2Pac” Shakur.

Seemingly trying to taunt Kendrick Lamar into replying to Drake’s previous diss “Push Ups,” a voice that sounds eerily similar to 2Pac raps,

“Kendrick, we need ya, the West Coast savior/Engraving your name in some hip-hop history…F*ck this Canadian light-skin, Dot/We need a no-debated West Coast victory, man.”

Using technology amid his feud with Kendrick Lamar has garnered mixed reactions for Drake. However, one person who clearly isn’t here for 2Pac being pulled into a rap battle that has nothing to do with him is the American Music Award winner’s brother, Mopreme Shakur. Speaking with TMZ, Mopreme Shakur said the Toronto local weaponized his sibling’s voice, which he has an issue with.

According to the outlet, Mopreme Shakur loves hearing 2Pac’s voice but not in a battle as he feels the feud should remain 1-on-1 with no outside help from a tank or nuclear option. Mopreme also reportedly shared that Drake’s song made him realize A.I. “is a hell of a tool,” however, he’s a little concerned that younger generations could mistake the computer-generated 2Pac verse as lines from the real rapper. In addition, Mopreme noted how important it is for Drake and Kendrick’s dispute to remain a sport and not turn physical.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel