JT & Yung Miami Settle Their Issues After Shocking Social Media Spat: ‘I Love You The Most’

JT, Yung Miami

JT & Yung Miami Settle Their Issues After Shocking Social Media Spat: ‘I Love You The Most’

Update (April 9, 2024): All is well between Yung Miami & JT. The City Girls duo ended their online spat by exchanging “I Love Yous” on X (formerly Twitter).

After JT shared another cryptic tweet about being done wrong by Yung Miami despite supporting her, Yung Miami questioned why JT was still going off after they settled their issues on the phone.

clarified that she sent the message before their offline conversation, however, it didn’t post until much later. The two then showed love to each other.

Original Story (April 8, 2024): Is it the end of the City Girls era?

Today (Apr. 8) the ladies that form the popular hip hop duo, Yung Miami and JT, had a heated back and forth on X. If you’ve been keeping up with the ins and outs of the City Girls, then you may already be aware of the breakup rumors surrounding the group. However, the drama between Yung Miami and JT hasn’t been confirmed…until now.

Seemingly kicking off the back-and-forth, Yung Miami posted “LOL!!!” to her X account. It’s unclear what she found funny but some internet users thought the reaction was a late reply to JT’s recent heated exchange with GloRilla.

Yung Miami then went on to answer questions from fans to promote her upcoming single “CFWM” while JT was busy duking it out with popular media personality KenBarbie. However, it wasn’t long until the (estranged) friends were fighting with each other online. Alluding that JT has been throwing subliminals her way for a while, Yung Miami wrote,

“A b*tch been sneak dissing me for weeks and I ain’t say sh*t what a b*tch mad at me fa?????!!!!!”


She continued,

“I ain’t jealous of a soul I’m always like go b*tch go!!! I clap for everybody I show love to EVERYBODY?? it ain’t a b*tch I haven’t shown love to!!!!!!”

Mentioning her group member by her legal name, Jatavia Johnson, Yung Miami, born Caresha Brownlee, continued,

“For you to come on here & try to play victim is crazy! Jatavia you been sneak dissing me for the LAST COUPLE OF DAYS!!! I haven’t said sh*t back to you!! You made 2 whole songs DISSING ME & I STILL RAPPED your sh*t with my chest & showed love :) so what’s the real problem here???”

She added,


“A b*tch trying to kick me while I’m down and play into these narratives! Is dangerous when I been nothing but a friend to you!!!!!”

Over on JT’s X account, she addressed Miami’s allegations, writing back,

“Girl the internet told you that which songs was about you the one saying “it’s city girl sh*t even when it ain’t city girl sh*t” that was released under city girls or the one that say riding solo but I’m still in a group? Get your phone back from whoever this is baby don’t play with me!”

Claiming her solo tracks are not about Miami, and addressing the “LOL” post, she continued,

“Oh wow you’re really losing it! If you thought this why not speak to me about it? You came on here & said LOL so ppl can ask you why you wasn’t defending me….ATTENTION seeking as usual!”

Miami also accused JT of trying to “kick me while I’m down,” seemingly alluding to the serious allegations surrounding her relationship with Diddy. As previously reported, Miami was accused of being a sex worker for the record executive in a $30 million lawsuit. However, the “Alter Ego” artist slammed that post from Miami as well, writing in response,

“You looking for a way out of your situation who was the first person called you when it all started? You’re a sad fucking case!!!!” 

Miami didn’t back down from her stance, adding in another post aimed at JT,

“You weird but always wanna act like I’m a weirdo you always mad it’s always a problem & all I try to do is push you tell you, you the sh*t you can rap, you should model etc! You always mad you doing your sh*t as you should CONGRATULATIONS but somehow you STILL MAD AT!!!!!!”

Amid the heated exchanges with Miami and KenBarbie, JT also took a moment to blast Saucy Santana. After he claimed that the allegations surrounding Miami would be addressed in her upcoming TV series, JT expressed that she wanted nothing to do with the project.

“And I better not be mentioned since I’m not in an episode! Nothing should be addressed without me WHO ARE YOU? you done gave yourself a position of power! Your not my power of attorney sit your *ss down!!!”

Responding to another post where JT told Miami to leave him at home, Saucy Santana wrote,

“JT plz! You always throw me in some sh*t. You unfollowed me & block me like I’m the person u gotta problem with. Plz address your issues head on w/ any & everybody you don’t like. Stop taking it out on me. I don’t need to be mentioned.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel