Brian McKnight’s Son Niko Reacts To Shocking Revelation Of Father’s Absence During His Birth: ‘Damn, I Never Knew He Wasn’t There’

Brian McKnight’s Son Niko Reacts To Shocking Revelation Of Father’s Absence During His Birth: ‘Damn, I Never Knew He Wasn’t There’

Singer Brian McKnight’s second eldest son, Niko McKnight, seems to be grappling with the social media revelation surrounding his father’s alleged absence during his birth.

On Wednesday (May 15), Niko McKnight turned to X (formerly Twitter) to convey how he became overwhelmed after discovering that his father was not present when he was born.

He explained,

“I have to mute this because people are saying some very insane, hurtful things. The comment section is unmatched and unhinged.”

This came hours after Niko McKnight became aware of a Mother’s Day post by Brian McKnight, expressing gratitude to his current wife, Leilani Malia Mendoza, for affording him his first opportunity to witness one of his children coming into the world.

Brian McKnight’s post opened with:

“You are by far the greatest mother I’ve ever seen. Julia, Jack, and Jr. have been blessed with one of God’s greatest gifts, a mother who has always and continues to selflessly nurture, uplift, protect, Inspire, and be a beacon of what not only a mother should be, but what every person should be, the personification of the term great human being.”

As he acknowledged his stepchildren through Leilani Malia Mendoza, he continued,

“The first time I met Julia and Jack I saw how you raised them, I knew in that moment, I fell in love with you even deeper, I wanted you to be my wife even more and solidified even more how much I longed for you to be the mother of my child.”

Brian McKnight further elaborated,

“How we prayed that God would bless us with our son. And bless us, God surely has!! Being at every doctor’s appointment, you talking me through my first ultrasound, hearing his little heart beating, together, is a gift I will always cherish. Thank you for giving me my first experience of witnessing my child coming into this world, while holding your hand and looking into your eyes, waiting for, then hearing his beautiful cry and that incredible moment of cutting my first umbilical cord!”

Days later, Niko expressed via X that the implication of his father not witnessing the birth of his other children, specifically himself, was a surprise:

“Damn, I never knew he wasn’t there when I was born. I always assumed he was? Crazy.”

This all comes in the wake of the public controversy surrounding Brian McKnight seemingly distancing himself from his ex-wife, Julie McKnight, and his adult biological children, Brian Jr., Niko, and Briana, while publicly acknowledging his stepchildren and his youngest son, Brian Kainoa Makoa Jr, whom he shares with Leilani Malia Mendoza.

Recently, Brian McKnight referred to his ex-wife Julie McKnight as “a liar,” alleging that she demanded he stop supporting their son Niko during his cancer battle. Additionally, Brian sparked headlines by describing his adult biological children as “a product of sin.”

Amidst the recent headlines and Niko’s revelation, his mother Julie McKnight took to Instagram stories to share a quote:

“Your children don’t listen to your advice. They watch how you live. Live accordingly.”

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan