Kandi Said Andy Cohen Apologized After Asking Daughter Riley About Estranged Father: He In No Way Wanted To Hurt Us

Kandi Said Andy Cohen Apologized After Asking Daughter Riley About Estranged Father: “He In No Way Wanted To Hurt Us”

Andy Cohen is keeping his relationship with Kandi afloat!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss told E! News on June 12th (Sunday) that Andy Cohen apologized for catching her and her daughter, Riley Burruss, “off guard” after being asked about her estranged father, Russell “Block” Spencer.

Kandi Burruss and daughter Riley

Kandi appeared on Watch What Happens Live last month, hosted by Andy Cohen, and was joined by her daughter Riley who filled in as the bartender. Kandi admitted to the host of The Slut Pig Podcast that she left the show “upset” with Andy for asking about the sensitive topic of her father.

Since then, Cohen has expressed regards, with Kandi explaining to E! at the Critics Choice Awards that,

“”He just wanted to apologize and say that he in no way wanted to hurt us or anything like that. And I know it wasn’t his intention to make Riley feel bad or anything like that.”

Kandi continued, saying:

“A lot of people just don’t understand that’s a sensitive subject for her…but sometimes if you don’t give a person a heads up, they kind of get caught off guard. And so that’s what I was saying.”

Andy Cohen

The reality star and singer also expressed how they are always able to bounce back from disagreements:

“I’m sure there are things that he probably doesn’t like,”

“And he’s said things that rubbed me the wrong way at times, but we’re always able to come back on the same page. So he apologized and I was good. It wasn’t that deep for me.”

When it comes to her RHOA co-stars, however, it has yet to be seen how Kandi can bounce back with certain ladies after recent attacks on her character from fellow peach-holders like Marlo Hampton. 

Kandi Burruss

As we reported, on a recent episode of RHOA, Marlo went off on Kandi after she allegedly did not check on Sheree when her boyfriend stood her up. Marlo ranted about her co-star, stating:

“First of all, Kandi was a damn h*e. She f*ck*d everybody for free. That b*tch was a h*e, and that p*ssy ain’t good and that’s why you out here always got to date underneath your tax bracket. Okay?”

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Authored by: Sunny Morgan