Gloria Govan of "Basketball Wives" Is A Felon

How ironic? One of the more innocent stars of “Basketball Wives,” Gloria Govan, caught a “case” back in college. I first learned of this from a comment left on my blog. A visitor wrote

Laura Said: on May 17, 2010 at 9:25 pm · “I bet Gloria doesn’t preach about the felony she was charged with a couple years ago.”

Looks like “Laura” knew what most of us didn’t. Apparently, while Gloria was in college @ Diablo Valley College (1997) and was involved in a “cash-for-grades” scandal. Student workers in the Admissions and Records Office at DVC were allegedly changing grades for themselves as well as for others. Students allegedly paid upwards of $500 for a grade change. Although Gloria wasn’t the ring leader (that would have been a bit more gangsta, right?), she was involved.  Accent Advocate has the story from ’97.

(((Honestly, the alleged felony is not really a big deal. What’s a bit amusing is that she seems to portray herself as if she’s above the other stars of the show–i.e. making negative remarks about them accepting infedility, inferring that she has the perfect relationship, blah, blah, blah. Not to mention that there are rumors circulating that her sister had an affair w/ you-know-who and her fiance is not the most faithful. Gloria, we want to like you, but we won’t you to sit down somewhere for now. Please.)))