Lil Wayne's Daughter Pops Off On Haters (via Twitter)

In teeny-bopper news, Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, is in the girls group called OMG Girls. The group consists of one of  Tiny’s (T.I.’s fiance) daughters and some other cute girls. If you recall, the OMG Girls were on stage during Lil Wayne and Drake’s controversial performance of “Every Girl” at the BET Awards this year. Anywho, apparently the other day, Reginae felt the need to address some of the folks hating on the OMG Girls.

Peep Reginae’s tweets: Reginae Carter , “Baby Carter” : Heir to the YOUNG MONEY Throne… Is DatWhyUMad.Com ? Major P. , Grand Hu$tle . , YOUNG MONEY !

I gotta ? why they Hating on OMG,Dey aint did nun 2 yall But M8 dey music,Count dat $$ got they Fanbase up & now they whole crew Stuntin!

2 Be perfectly honest,OMG is doing something Positive out here.Making Good music for younger Kids,Why yall hating?Get Real Support them Man!

(((( A. Can a pre-teen please interpret? B. At what point are we going to retire the word “hate”? C. Can teeny-boppers use the word? D. Toya, get her a publicist. E. Who asked me? )))