John Legend Defends His Hairline

Apparently, John Legend’s hairline was a trending topic on twitter. Instead of ignoring it, or laughing it off, Legend got a tad bit pissed and actually responded via twitter:

Btw, my hairline has been the same since I was a kid. Can’t believe some people are obsessing about it now. I’ve been famous for 6 yrs now about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

And to the haters, I’m still smarter, more talented, more successful and better looking than u. So fall back. about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

Sorry y’all. Couldn’t believe my hairline was a trending topic. Get a life! about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

And to the rest of y’all, I love you and thanks for the support. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…. 41 minutes ago via UberTwitter

***just because someone doesn’t like your hairline, doesn’t make them a hater. maybe they don’t like to see all of that forehead. maybe they prefer a fair head to hairline ratio. on the flip side, i have a serious tyra meets sade forehead. make mine a ttt. who cares.