Mike Epps Confirms New ‘Friday’ Movie, Beef w/ Kevin Hart & His Love for Reality TV

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Comedic actor, Mike Epps, hit the Russ Parr Morning Show and talked about his new Friday movie, fake twitter beef with Kevin Hart, reality shows and Frankie or Mama Jones. Peep a few excerpts below:
On The New Friday Movie:
“[There’s going to be] another Friday! Chris Tucker is on board; I think he gon’ be workin with us.  Hey boy, he might be back!  But you know what? That movie right there is a must-see movie.  People been waiting on that movie, you know.  I was talking to Ice Cube the other day and he was like, “You know what man, somebody walked up to me and said, ‘Ice Cube you worser than Dr. Dre with the Detox. Keep tellin’ people you gon’ drop it and don’t drop it!’”
On Twitter Beef With Kevin Hart:
“Kevin Hart, hat’s my little partner man.  Kevin Hart is my comedy friend, you know what I mean?  Any time yall hear us on Twitter, it look like we beefin.  We don’t beef, we friends.  We have comedy.  You don’t see white people beefin with each other.  So I ain’t bout to beef with another black man.  We havin’ fun and it was all love, you know what I’m saying? Now if you see me get into Twitter beef with any of these rappers, I’ma whip they ass. ‘Cause I just want to beat one of them up anyway. I started doing comedy in just regular life, walkin up on the corner, talkin crazy, walkin up in the lunchroom at school, and making people laugh.  So, you know, when you do that, you can’t plan your jokes. You gotta be spontaneous.  You gotta be able to light somebody up soon as you walk up on him.  I told my buddy the other day, “You need a Listerine slurpie.  Your breath is on fire man!”
On Reality TV:
“I take my hat off to Jim Jones and all the reality people because it’s entertaining.  I really sometimes like to watch it, you know what I’m saying? I like to watch Love and Hip Hop, you know what I mean.  I stick with the Hip Hop wives, I like T.I., you know… [I like Basketball Wives], even when they get to scrappin’. Then Tiny pull a pistol out.  But I take my hat off to them, but I have a different career, you know what I mean?  I do have an opportunity to be in movies, so I take advantage of that.  And if I had to do a reality show, it would be because I didn’t have anything else… I’m not dissin’ ‘em, I’m just saying that I got a career.
On reality stars that are now acting like NeeNee on Glee:
“The business has become about brand, you know.  Like Kim Kardashian, can’t nobody figure out how she got cold rich off a sex tape but it’s really the brand.  A lot of these people, like movie studios and stuff, they like, ‘You know what? If we can use the face to draw some people in, let’s do it.’”

Peep the full interview below: