Officers Caught Punching & Clubbing Alleged Pizza Thief [VIDEO]

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There’s some jaw-dropping footage that’s been circulated involving police officers and a 24-year-old black man.

In short, an aspiring Brooklyn hip hop artist, named Thomas Jennings, raised his hands in the air, but was pummeled anyway with fists and a police baton by cops in a Bed Stuy grocery store, a shocking video shows.

Here’s what happened, according to Jennings via the New York Daily News:

Jennings told The News that the price was $3 and he was a dollar short, so he stepped outside and borrowed money from someone to cover the tab. The criminal complaint alleges the unidentified man pulled out a switchblade knife, told the employee that he wasn’t paying and both men fled with the pizza and salt-and-pepper shakers. The employee called 911 and reported the food joint had been robbed.

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Cops tracked Jennings several blocks away to the Roslin grocery store on Bainbridge St. where the video camera behind the counter picks up the action. In the clip, it appears that Jennings is hit with a baton by one officer and punched by the second officer.