Trey Songz Responds to Murder Suicide of Jovan Belcher & Girlfriend, ‘It has nothing to do with me.’

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By now, you’ve heard trafic news that happened over the weekend,  involving NFL’er Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend/mother of his child Kasandra Perkins. According to reports, the 25-year-old Kansas City Chief lineman shot his girlfriend at their home and then himself at the Arrowhead practice facility. Reportedly, the night before, Kasandra had attended a Trey Songz concert–unconfirmed rumors are swirling that her attendance at the show or arriving home late, triggered the incident. At this point, a confirmed motive has not been shared. However, after learning of the news, Trey Songz responded, writing on twitter:

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6 Comments to “Trey Songz Responds to Murder Suicide of Jovan Belcher & Girlfriend, ‘It has nothing to do with me.’”

  1. PoPo says:

    This had nothing to do with Mr. Trey Songz the coward to blame don killed himself too. Most likely Mr. Trey didn’t even know who this young woman was. Oh Lord we feel sad for that young woman though only 22yrs old and dead had to leave her child motherless (tears) and her mother off course is hurting. Being young she probably underestimated the situation thinking she could handle it. It’s normal for a 22 yr old to want to attend any concert but she underestimated the jealously and controlling ways of this man. I say controlling because this is what he displayed in the end. Who gives him the rights to decide who should live and who should die?

  2. msmaryland says:

    I dont think anyone is implying that it had to do with him but the mere fact that it stemmed.from her attending his after party is the reason as to wjy his name continues to be tied in wih the argument that led to her death. Jealousy and insecurities is real and I just hate that he Blecher let his emotions overcome his thought process.

  3. ChoclateFox says:

    Insecurity transforms into Fear transforms into Paranoia transforms into Psychotic Behaviors which becomes unpredictable and can lead to a cocktail of emotional instability leading too often to a sequence of tragic events ending with the commonality and finality of DEATH!!!

    – I am Domestic Violence

  4. Dubb-B(female type) says:

    No one said it was about him. Calm down Trey, you’re really not that important. Take a tall glass of chill out

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