Sheree Whitfield Files Restraining Order Against ATL Blogger + NeNe Leakes Takes Subliminal Shots At RHOA Cast Mates

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Although we no longer see her on BRAVO, former RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield has a bit of drama going down at the moment. Reportedly, she has filed a restraining order against an Atlanta blogger, named Tamara Tattles. Why, you ask?

It’s pretty lengthy, but the Courthouse News Service reports:

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield sought a protective order against an Internet blogger she claims is stalking her. Whitfield filed a “Petition for Stalking Temporary Protective Order” against Tamara Kay Brawner, in Fulton County Superior Court. She claims Brawner harasses and stalks her, showing up at the construction site of her home, snapping photos and blogging about it all. According to her complaint: “In October 2011 the respondent commenced an online blog about the petitioner’s home titled ‘Chateau Sheree,’ giving the online world a play-by-play of the construction progress of the petitioner’s home. The respondent then commenced additional online blogs regarding the petitioner’s legal proceedings, the petitioner’s business label, and delays in the petitioner’s home construction, the demise of the petitioner’s reality television career, and other disparaging remarks.” Whitfield says in her complaint: “Between October 2011 and February 2013, the respondent came onto the petitioner’s property and took pictures which the respondent subsequently posted to her online blog. On 2/18/2013 the respondent gained access into the petitioner’s home, without the petitioner’s consent. The respondent collected photographs of the petitioner’s home and has also posted a detailed narrative of the floor-plan of the interior of the petitioner’s home.” Whitfield claims Brawner described the interior of her home in a blog posted on Feb. 18. “On other occasions, respondent spied on me without my consent in order to harass or intimidate me and respondent transferred information about to others without my consent knowing that they could harass or intimidate me with it and similar events may occur in the future,” the petition states.

So what is the ATL blogger’s response? Reportedly, her lawyer released a statement, saying:

“We believe this order to be completely baseless and look forward to defending against it and, ultimately, having the entire action dismissed at the upcoming hearing in the matter,” the email states. “There has been no ‘stalking’ or any illegal conduct on behalf of my client and we believe that will be more than evident when my client has her day in court.” 

Wow. Too bad we couldn’t watch this unfold on RHOA. And in more RHOA drama, NeNe Leakes recently took to twitter, venting about last week’s episode.

nene-leakes-takes twitter shots at rhoa cast-the jasmine brand

She even took a few shots, at a cast member that she refused to ‘call out’ directly. She wrote:

I just watched RHOA show! When u wrong, u wrong & when u right, u right! Who shows up 4 a dinner party 3 hours late! They r DEFINITELY WRONG … Tune N2 RHOA Sunday @ 8pm on Bravo! U b the judge on who’s right or wrong! There’s always somebody tryin 2 make a wrong, right! Guess who? Game time! Guess The Housewives of RHOA! There’s 1 that always has something negative 2 say abt me? There’s a Housewife Of Atlanta that has a past she doesn’t want anyone 2 know abt! Guess who? Guess The RHOA that’s always asking about food & don’t need nothing 2 eat? LOL  Guess the RHOA that claims they gave me something 4 my LA house? I hav the cancelled check???? I don’t accept gifts…

So who do you think she’s referring to–Phaedra or Kandi?

  • Andrea

    Yes Sheree needed that. I stopped going to her blog because she only posted about Sheree. Must be some beef between them since the blogger is now dating Bob.

  • kandi

    That’s not Tamera . Michelle Straight from the A is one who dates or dated Bob. I think Sheree is going after the wrong blogger.lol

  • andrea

    Yes, if she not going after Straight from the A blogger she is going after the wrong person

  • Nicole

    Well she’s going after Michelle (SFTA) now as she should. Michelle’s been on her property as well.

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