[Video] Marriage Still Not A Priority for Nia Long & Boyfriend Ima Udoka, ‘We Are Committed to One Another’

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Since the classic ‘Love Jones’ (or perhaps ‘Boyz In the Hood’), some of us (*raises hand*) have been in love with the Image Award winning actress, Nia Long (real name Naitara Long). The 42 year old Brooklyn native is now regularly on TV, on the new hit show ‘House of Lies’ on Showtime. This week, she stopped by ‘Access Hollywood’, opening about who she’s a stan for (she LOVES her some Barbara Streisand), her children (she pushed out baby number two at the age of 41) and her relationship with San Antonio Spurs assistant coach, Ime Udoka. Check out a few excerpts below.
On being a Barbara Streisand stan: 
Barbara Streisand is my hero. You remember that album cover, where she dressed up like Superwoman? The one where she has the ‘S’ on her chest. I love Barbara Streisand. She’s like the cream to my coffee.”
On her co-star Don Cheadle winning a Golden Globe:
“I had a vision he was going to win right before the announced his win. The next day we had a 6 a.m. cast call, so he was so tired the next morning, poor baby, but he comes in with the Golden Globe as a medallion. It was so funny.”
On on her character, Tamar, and rivaling character Marty, Don Cheadle: 
“I love the show. Tamar is a little frisky, she’s not what you expect. She’s been disappointed in her marriage, so as the season progresses you see how these two challenge each other. You know, because they’re friends from college.”
 On her children:
“I have a 12 year old and a 15 month old. I was kind of worried because of the age gap, but my baby looks at the oldest like ‘oh my God you’re my hero”. And my big boy is like ‘Oh I can actually rough house you because you’re so juicy’. They’re awesome.”
On if she and her boyfriend/baby-daddy Ime Udoka plan to jump the broom: 
“He’s assistant coach for the Spurs so we go back and forward to San Antonio. We are committed to one another, our babies, you know, you just do what you got to do.”
See full interview below.

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