[Video] Josie Harris Says Floyd Mayweather Will Never Marry Fiance, Shantel Jackson

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Despite the fact that TLC has pulled the remaining season of ‘Starter Wives‘ from it’s network, doesn’t mean that the drama will stop between some of the cast members. Case in point, the baby-mama (they have three children) and ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Josie Harris. If you’ve watched the show, then you know that  Josie allegs that although Floyd is engaged (to Shantel Jackson), the two continue to have an intimate relationship. In an interview with VLAD TV, Josie spills the beans.

Do you have a relationship with Floyd’s Fiancé?

 “No I don’t, and you know what, I will admit this, I have a little bit of animosity. Because I made a few phone calls to her when Floyd and I were living together and she did everything in her power to play her position and tell me ” no we’re not dating”. I’m not just blaming it on her I know it takes two. Here I am I’m a woman with 3 young children and another child that is out of another relation and I’m trying my best. I’m trying my best to keep my family together. And for women who just don’t have any respect for that. Its hard to respect them after the fact.”       

Is she around your children?

He just recently started bringing them around her and from what the kids tell me they say that she’s nice and they don’t have any problems with her. That makes me happy because it makes me comfortable with sending my kids with him or her or whoever it is he’s with. He’s a good dad so I know he has good judgment. 

One of things I think raises a few eyebrows on the show was in the first episode the girls were all talking about whether they still sleep with their exes and one said oh I slept with Floyd 6 months ago and he was engaged 6 months ago.

Air quotes “engaged” just like he was engaged the day after he beat me up.

Did that cause any ripples?

I don’t care. I don’t. I feel like she didn’t have any type of respect for me as a woman who had 3 children who was living with somebody who was best friend and then I loved to death since I met him when I was 16. So if this is the hour that I should be giving a f*** its probably not a good time to be expecting me to.

It’s interesting you mention the whole day after thing. I remember reading about the whole engagement was a PR move because he was going to face a judge and wanted to show he was was stable guy with a fiancé. Do you think that’s really was that was?


Do you think he’s really engaged?


Do you think that he’s going to get married to her?

No. I don’t think that he is every going to get married. I think that Floyd is a very…how do I say this nicely…. I think Floyd has a lot going on for him right now. And marriage is a huge commitment and Floyd likes his freedom. I think that he likes to keep his women at bay and accessible. But as far as marriage…that’s. That…maybe further down the line I can’t answer that question for him. Not anytime soon. I mean it’s been 4 years since they’ve been engaged I mean that’s a long engagement. And I’m not hating. Like I mean I’m obviously They’ve been seeing each other publicly so I don’t take anything away from their friendship but as far as walking down the aisle anytime soon I don’t think that that’s something that he’s focused on right now.

Check out the full interview below.