Kenya Moore Calls the Husbands on RHOA ‘Catty Little Women’ + Confirmed Michael Baisden Is Leaving Radio

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RHOA’s Kenya Moore AKA Miss “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” had a LOT to say about the behavior of the husband’s of RHOA. On the latest episode, her ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson attended every event the cast members hosted. Not one to be silent, the 46-year-old former Miss USA took to her RHOA blog to blast Apollo, Peter and Kordell and also had some choice words about Walter. Peep the excerpts below.

I find it interesting that Peter, Apollo, and Kordell act like catty little women more than their wives. Is that even possible? I am choosing my words carefully but they act like little (rhymes with witches). They were all salivating at the mouth to listen to my spiteful, dateless ex hurl pitiful and juvenile comments aimed to insult and degrade me after seeing how fabulous I looked at the event with my famous friend.

I twirled in looking Gone with the Wind Fabulous.  I felt incredible that night, and after seeing how dumb and trite a 46-year-old-mid-life-crisis-having “man” can act, I also clearly mitigated my damages by dodging a bullet in the relationship department.

My ex may have been invited by Peter, but he knew full-well cameras would be present and yet he showed up anyway after I asked him not to attend any functions where he knew I would be. Atlanta may be small, but when you are a fame whore riding off the coattails of someone else’s celebrity, you seek out any moment you can to get your 15 minutes.

The same is true for Kandi’s housewarming. I adore Kandi, but she knew he would be there and it was obviously a trap to get me to get into some big drama-filled spectacle of a blow out with my ex. Phaedra, Apollo, and Peter all conspired to purposely make me feel uncomfortable, threatened, and embarrassed, so I immediately left. No one puts Baby in the corner!

A REAL man would never lead a woman on, try to humiliate or hurt them, or try to intimidate them once you have broken up for the sake of more camera time or fame. No one forced anyone to be mean, hateful, evil, or stupid. I’ve dated some incredible men in my life, all of whom I have remained friends with except him. I have been proposed to 6 times, and I respectfully declined as I was not ready. I am not the person with not one, but TWO FAILED MARRIAGES and a child out of wedlock. I have been careful for a reason.”

WHEW. In other Kenya news, according to reports she has twirled her way onto Barnes & Noble shelves.The success of “Booty Bootcamp” workout DVD has made Kenya the first housewife to have a top ten selling workout DVD. In other news…


Popular radio personality and author Michael Baisden posted a mysterious message on the show’s Facebook page kinda sorta alluding to his departure from radio. Baisden is known for his popular love and relationship books, “The Maintenance Man” and “Men Cry In The Dark”. “The Michael Baisden Show” known as ‘Grown Folks Radio’ is heard in over 70 markets across the country but was cancelled in  New York, Dallas and Philadelphia. During his broadcast he posted this message:

What does it mean exactly? We’re not quite sure. We will definitely keep you posted. UPDATED: Wednesday afternoon, Michael confirmed his departure, with a lengthy message. Check it out below.

Michael Baisden Commentary: It’s Not About The Job It’s About The Journey (Yes, I’m leaving radio)

Who would have ever thought that a black man from the South Side of Chicago, with no college degree, no formal training in radio, TV, or writing, and the youngest son to a single 17 year-old teenaged mother with three children, would one day lead civil rights protest and help to elect the first black President. Life is truly amazing!

I am proud of what I have accomplished with my life and look forward to what is to come next. Life is full of new beginnings, whether it’s a new relationship or a new business venture; change is the one constant…and we must learn to embrace it.

For years I’ve encouraged you to step out on faith to live your dream, to never compromise your principles, and most importantly, not to be afraid to try something new, but above all else, dare to be different. Well, it’s time for me to practice what I preach!

When I began writing books in 1993, my only goal was to have a positive impact and challenge people to think outside the box. In 1995 I took that leap of faith and left my job with a four-year-old child to support, three thousand dollars in my pocket, and a dream. And as strange as this may sound, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would make it.

Call it cockiness or confidence, but I was determined that no force on earth was going to stop me from realizing my dreams. And after five best selling books, two stage plays, two televisions shows, three DVDs, and one of the most successful radio programs in history, I’m just getting started!

No, it was not my intention to leave radio, I had plans for The Michael Baisden Live Tour, my 10-year anniversary party in DC in July, and I was looking forward to being on the air this summer to get justice for Trayvon Martin and his family.

But sometimes fate, the universe, God, or however you want to label that undeniable force, has it’s own plans. Someone once told me that the greatest experiences in life are unplanned ones. I guess I’m about to test that theory.

The details about what happened are not important, what is important is that we stay connected. I will continue to say good morning and good night and post encouraging comments on Baisden Live on Facebook and Twitter daily, along with those breath-taking pictures. I hope you won’t get tired of reading my post now that I’ll have more time on my hands. lol

It’s been my honor and privilege to serve you everyday for the past 10 years from 3pm-7pm ET. No man on earth has more to be thankful for than me. Your support made it possible for me to take care of my family, invest in the community, and help inspire thousands of people to live their dreams. What’s bigger than that?

But before you go getting all mushy on me, this is not the end…it truly is the beginning, or as I like to say, it’s the next chapter.

I have already begun reaching out to leaders in the community to start building more mentoring programs and creating organizations that will allow us to network so that we’re prepared for the next Jena 6 and the next Trayvon, because there will be a next. Just because the mic goes silent doesn’t mean I will.

There’s an old saying that a man’s true character comes to the surface during times of adversity. Every stage of my career has been difficult, that’s the price you pay for standing by your principles and doing things the right way. I may not have the same paycheck come April 1st, but I will be able to look at the man in the mirror and be proud of the reflection that’s looking back at him, and that’s what being a real man or woman is all about, you must stand for something!

Although you may not hear my voice every day we can still stay connected. Make sure to join me on Baisden Live on Twitter and Facebook. We can’t blame, ”The Man” for our problems when we won’t even join a free website to communicate with one another to find out what’s going on.

The lights go out on Friday March 29th, so I’ll see you on the radio at 3pm ET tomorrow and every day until then to celebrate what “WE” have accomplished! And if there’s one thing I know how to do it’s throw a great Old School Party!

~ Michael Baisden

P.S. The only thing better than a going away party is a welcome back party! So, save a spot for me on the radio dial, I’ll be back sooner than you think. And when I do…it’s going to be hotter than ever!!!!

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  • vapariga

    As crazy as Kenya can appear at times, she does speak the truth regarding the husbands, “Walter” and Phaedra. She is dippy but she also has plenty of sense. As does NeNe. These two speak their minds, no matter how crazy or “ghetto” they look…if you listen, they are speaking the truth. And Kordell is the worst “actor”… poor Porsha! She reminds me of the girl on Coming To Ameria who barked & hopped on one foot because Eddie Murphy’s character told her to do so!

    • Gingertee

      Goodness the only truth about Kenya and Nene is that they are tall. The two of them are sad to watch. If Kenya had as much fame as she claims, she would not be fighting so hard to keep a check from RHOATL. Prior to this, where was the last place Kenya Moore was seen other than the dry cleaners and Target.

      • Anonymous

        They may be sad to watch to YOU but if there was no one on the show like them it would be just like Love And Hip Hop NY right now…a SNOOZEFEST.

    • Anonymous

      Well said! They both can throw shade really well too and regardless of what some say about Kenya, RHOA would be a snoozefest this season if it wasn’t for her. She makes sense to me and some folks need to stop acting like Walter is this perfect little angel cause he’s not.

      • keedy9473

        I am so sick of Kenya if you were truly all that why doesn’t she have a man ????? Every man is not intimidated by her, honestly I think she still wants Walter.

  • Razzi

    I listened to Michael Baisden’s show yesterday and he kept hinting about a huge announcement today- 9 days shy of his 10 yr anniversary. It kept sounding like he is leaving the airwaves. I’ll DEF be tuned in today to hear the news…

    And Kenya needs to STOP IT! If the rumors are true about her and Walter faking a relationship just so she could be on the show- then she is really the one riding the coattails of these other women that REALLY DO have ties to the ATL community. She is my least favorite person on the show. I have ZERO respect for her.

    • Keep me posted about Michael Baisden! I’m in LA and none of my writers are on the east coast. I’m interested to see what’s next for him.

      • None of your writers are on the east coast you say? lol

      • Razzi

        :-( Im sooo sad to see Michael Baisden go! I hope he gets a show on satellite radio once he is able to get back on the air!

    • Anonymous

      Kenya is a BOSS. If she “faked” her relationship, she did what she had to do to get a CHECK and create a platform for herself to do other things. She’s doing what all the other “has beens” in Black Hollywood are doing right now…her little idea just got exposed by her punk a** “boyfriend.” Kenya is NOT riding anyone’s coat tails because she had a career before she met any of these women. Some of these chicks claim to fame is RHOA and NOTHING else. So that statement holds no Water and if Walter was a REAL man, he wouldn’t be such a mitch and snitch on a woman like he had NO part of this arrangement. Bravo should sue him for talking about this crap. Kenya has moved on…she has a new man in her life that treats her well…Walter brought that ugly tramp to Kandi’s party to try to get to Kenya, and dude has NO chemistry with that hoe either and just left her to fend for herself. I have NO sympathy for Walter…he knows exactly what he’s doing and shame on him if he gets thrown under the bus…he should have thought about that before he ran to the radio station like a bitch and snitched on their arrangement.

      • LGF

        Kenya is so fake, why do she think that man is stalking her, he was at the events first and if he was invited by the host why do they have to inform her first. She is the one that should not have been invited. And they never realy had a relationship so how can he be her ex. She just look desperate, thats the show she should have been cast on The Desperate Housewives.

  • Edot

    I have noticed that a lot of “black/urban/ radio personnel are leaving radio….there is this theory that the “black voice” was becoming too loud (hints Obama being elected twice) due to black radio and some ppl didn’t like all that noise so they are shutting them down. In my city alone, they fired 8-12 urban radio personnel who were advocates; humanitarian …ppl who kept us informed on social issues, injustice acts in other states, etc. I mean I don’t even hear Tom Joyner in the morning anymore and I thought his show was syndicated. I just think it’s sad how “they”-whoever they may be are so afraid of our voice/power that “they” are getting rid of ppl that our communities needs and using the excuse of “budget cuts” to justify their actions…

    • Miss AG

      This post… Thanks for commenting, those things didn’t even cross my mind now wondering what those personalities will do next.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, in Kenya voice. I know we just met but I want you to have a baby with me. I am a Miss America I mean Miss USA form 199* LOL. Im so pretty and gone with the wind fab. My hair is real it is not fake!! I really did not make Walter fake to be my boyfriend for the show. Im not jealous of Phaedra. I own that house I dont rent it for $4,000.00 a month. I hate everyone trying to be me. OMG. Eveyone is so Jealous of me!!!

    • articulate

      Here’s the drop about the ‘Atlanta Housewife”:
      “Kenya Moore is very brave to appear on a popular reality show. She’s the newest addition to Bravo’s RHOA, I guess producers of the show know Kenya is a professional whore. She’s been gold digging since her days in Detroit as a high school student at Cass Tech High.

      Kenya used to date a drug dealer, his name is Mike Evans. By 16-years-old, she was a seasoned vet – I heard she learned that from her grandmother, who raised her. I was told her grandmother trained her and showed her how to be a proper sack-chaser.

      When Kenya won the Miss USA title, all of Hollywood was after her – she went the easy route and got with Mike Tyson. She was spoiled by him, well taken care of by him, he even purchased her a home. But their s?x sessions where so bad, she soon stopped seeing Tyson entirely. Mike didn’t care because I heard he video taped their s?x acts. When Kenya started to act certain ways with Mike, he passed her to Keith Washington.

      Kenya is all fake – her tits, a?? implants and hazel contacts are all paid for by her sponsors. The only thing real about Kenya is her hair. Jacky, if you don’t believe me.. Ask Jay Z. After Jay was finished with her, he passed her over to his football player buddy Larry Johnson.”

      Were Hollywood actors calling Rudolph Moise ‘Captain Save-a-H?e when he married Kenya Moore? Of course they were. Don’t believe me.. Ask Martin Lawrence.

  • Razzi

    Wow.. looks like Cumulus radio locked Michael Baisden and his staff out of their radio studio so pre-recorded shows are all that will be heard between now and March 29.. SMH..

    • Miss AG

      Oh wow!!!!!

  • roc fletcher

    The men on Atlanta housewives do act real simple and as she said,like witches.

    • Bkisses

      You’re right, and for people to think something like this is funny, can turn into something ugly. Kenya is right, they need to quit inviting him to the events she will be attending, or at least give her a choice to let her know Walter will be there, if she wants to attend or not. Apollo enjoys the fireworks as does Peter, obviously their marriage must be boring, to stick their nose in Kenya’s personal business.

  • Bkisses

    Kenya is right, the men gossiping are idiots, why would that interest them, worry about your own relationships. Walter bringing it up, he enjoys taunting Kenya, I find that sick.

  • shante

    peter and apollo are bitch ass

  • a

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